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How to add an Assistant from start to finish

Note: below screenshots are just an example. The same procedure works for other Assistants as well. The used example refers to an Assistant which has later been renamed to PV Inverter support, and is also rarely used on new installations. The Self-consumption Hub-2 Assistant is used instead. It is not necessary, nor possible, to combine it with the PV Inverter support Assistant.

Note for three-phase and parallel systems: some Assistants need to be configured in in all Multis or Quattros in the system, others only in the master of L1 or in all phase-masters. Carefully read the instructions in the Assistant pages while configuring.


To work with Assistants, VE.Bus Multis, Inverters and Quattros must be loaded with a a different firmware first. More information about which firmware type to choose for an installation, and the updating instruction, is available in our PDF VE.Bus firmware versions explained.

Step by step instructions

Open VEConfigure3 on your computer, connect to the Victron product and open the Assistants tab. Don't see the assistants tab? See here.

Then, from the drop down menu select the Grid Converter support

Click add assistant

The assistant will appear in the ‘Used assistants’ box and it will be in italics, as it has not been configured yet.

Now Click on Start assistant

The Welcome screen is very important and contains important information. Read it carefully.

Make sure you know the frequency at which the Grid Inverter will switch off, it must be entered on this page

Here enter the total amount of PV power installed in Watts.

The Battery type can be selected here

The charger settings can either be used from the Charger page or you can define other settings.

The Restart voltage should not be changed unless it is absolutely necessary. It can be set lower maybe but we don’t recommend settings it any higher.

Once the assistant set up pages are finish you will the ‘grid converter support’ is now in normal text.

At this point if all the normal settings on the other pages of the software are complete you can select ‘send settings’

You will be asked which normal settings you want to send.

Then you will be asked whether the assistant set up must be sent also.

The Inverter/charger will switch off while sending the assistant set up to the Unit. This screen will appear.

When the ‘writing’ of the assistant is finished this screen will appear, the Inverter/charger will restart, if OK is selected it also restarts.

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