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How to update an Assistant

When started, and connected to the internet, VEConfigure3 will automatically download the latest versions of Assistants. The procedure below explains how to connect to already configured products and update the Assistant to the latest version.

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  1. First download the latest Assistants from the internet:
    1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    2. Start VEConfigure3
    3. It will give a notification when new Assistants are available:
  2. Connect VEConfigure3 to the system, it will read all the settings
  3. In case there is an update for one or more of the configured Assistants, a warning will appear.
  4. All Assistants that can be updated will be marked with a star.
  5. Right click the assistant, and press update
  6. VEConfigure3 will guide you through all the pages in the Assistant: verify the values, the settings are the same as you have configured originally. Click next until finished.
  7. Click Send settings and include the Assistants. Note: the system will momentarily switch off!
  8. All done.



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