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my-PV AC-Thor and Victron Energy Off-Grid

For an Off-Grid system. when the batteries are full and we still have AC coupled PV power available, that power is lost. We could use that power and send it to a boiler or something similar. For this we are using a device from my-PV called AC-Thor.

The schematic for this kind of system looks like this (the meter from my-PV is not needed in this setup):

First setup:

AC-Thor device must be connected on the AC output of the Multi/Quattro just like the AC coupled PV inverter.

Using the device touch screen, select Information menu and go to the third screen to find the current IP address.

Open a browser, put that IP address into the address field and press enter

The webpage should look like this:

Please check the firmware version on AC-Thor device, must be at least a0010006. Go to setting and select the “Mode”. For ESS select ”Hot water 3KW”, for off-grid systems, select “Frequency-Mode”.

Go to Frequency-Modus and define Frequency start value 50.1Hz and the Frequency end value 51Hz.

On the Multiplus or Quattro, using Ve.config, add the PV Inverter support Assistant.

→ The correct working of the frequency shift in the PV Inverter assistant needs to physically have a PV inverter installed on ACout which can feed into the Victron system.

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