Lynx Distributor

4. Communication and interfacing

In this section:

4.1. Lynx Distributor fuse monitoring

Up to 4 Lynx Distributors can be connected to a Lynx Smart BMS. They communicate via the RJ10 cable. The Lynx Distributors communicate fuse status and operational status to the Lynx Smart BMS. The Lynx Smart BMS can be used to read out the Lynx Distributors, generate alarms in case a fuse is blown or communication is lost.

4.2. The VictronConnect App

The VictronConnect App communicates via Bluetooth. It is used for changing settings, monitoring the Lynx Smart BMS and up to 4 connected Lynx Distributors. For more information on the VictronConnect App see the VictronConnect manual.

4.3. GX Device

If the Lynx Distributor is connected to a Lynx Smart BMS and, the Lynx Smart BMS is connected to a GX device via VE.Can, the GX device will show Lynx Distributor operational data and the status of each fuse. If the GX device is connected to the internet, the Lynx Distributor can also be monitored remotely via the VRM portal.