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Energy Meter Manual

3. Information on multiple Zigbee pairs

In this section:

3.1. Multiple Zigbee pairs

Running multiple Zigbee pairs is rather unusual and not recommended due to its complexity in configuration via the Chinese language configuration software. However, for those who still want to try, we show a possible solution.

The following is only valid for the new Zigbee converters with part number DRF2658 and DRF2659. For older units there is no software support anymore.

To run multiple pairs, the PAN-Id needs to be different, otherwise they interfere with one another. Basic information about where to obtain the software and how to reconfigure this:

  1. Go to

  2. Use the translation feature of your browser if you don't read Chinese, then download the "DTK wireless module configuration software".

  3. The installation is in Chinese, but can be installed by clicking the equivalent "Next" button repeatedly. The software itself has an English translation.

  4. You need to wire an RS485 to USB interface to the RS485 Zigbee module if you need to reconfigure it. The alternative is to reconfigure the USB unit (the coordinator) BEFORE you turn on the RS485 side (the router). The router will always join the coordinator and get its initial settings at startup.

  5. Each pair must have a different PAN-Id.


It is unusual to have multiple Zigbee links. Using an Energy meter via Ethernet (possibly with a Wi-Fi link) is the more reliable option in any case.