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Two-step verification

Protect your account against unauthorized access with two-step verification. two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring you to enter both your password and a security code, which is sent to your mobile phone, when logging into your VRM installation.

This manual describes how two-step authentication can be switched on or off for your VRM account. The different steps are described in order of execution and shown below using multiple screenshots.

How to turn on two-step verification

Step one

Log into your account at

Once logged in, you will be redirected to your VRM homepage, shown in the image below. On this page select 'Profile' on the left as shown in the example image below, where 'Profile' is marked with a red box.

Step two

After selecting 'Profile' in the top menu, you will arrive at the 'Update your VRM profile' page. On this page you can make changes to your profile as well as set up two-step verification. For this you will have to select the button '2-step verification' marked in red in the image below.

Step three

On the following page there will be an 'On/Off' switch as shown in the image below. Flick the switch to 'On' and confirm your action by entering your password and pressing 'Next'.

Step four

Now choose your country and then enter your mobile phone number. Submit this information by pressing 'Next'. The VRM system will then send a verification code to your phone via a text message (SMS).

Step five

After entering the code and pressing 'Next' the VRM system will notify you of successfully enabling two-step verification. You will automatically be redirected to your profile page.

How to Turn off two-step verification

If you would like to turn off two-step verification you can do so by returning to your profile and once again access '2-step verification'. This time flick the switch to 'Off'. You will then have to confirm your action by entering your password and pressing 'Next'. The VRM system will notify you of successfully disabling two-step verification.


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