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 ==== 3.1 Inverter controls in VRM ==== ==== 3.1 Inverter controls in VRM ====
-Note - while initially available, inverter controls have since been removed and are not currently accessible via the controls feature+Inverter controls can be made available on the VRM Dashboardbut require an additional step to enable in the Settings for that specific VRM Installation. This is to prevent accidentally switching off the system
 +It is ONLY recommended to enable this easy system shutdown control for small systems in non-critical environments. It is STRONGLY recommended to leave this feature disabled for large mission critical systems, or where there are multiple users with access to the Admin controls.
 +Once enabled, you can access the settings via the control button. 
 +Note - there is a limitation where these controls are not available when using a Digital Multi Control, or VE.Bus BMS v1 in the system. 
 ==== 3.2 ESS controls in VRM ==== ==== 3.2 ESS controls in VRM ====
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