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 ===== Changelog ===== ===== Changelog =====
-==== v5.14beta4 ==== +==== v5.33beta1 ==== 
-** 2019-12-02 **+** 2020-09-24 **
 __Download links:__ __Download links:__
   * iOS: Join TestFlight   * iOS: Join TestFlight
-  * [[|Android ARM64 (3 years old or less mid/high end phones. Try ARMv7 if this doesn't work)]]* +  * [[|Android ARM64 (Modern phones, try ARMv7 if this doesn't work)]]* 
-  * [[|Android ARMv7]]* +  * [[|Android ARMv7]]* 
-  * [[|Android x86]]* +  * [[|Android x86]]* 
-  * [[|Windows 7 and higher]] +  * [[|Windows 7 and higher]] 
-  * [[|Mac OS X 10.12 and higher]]+  * [[|Mac OS X 10.12 and higher]] 
 +  * [[|Linux AppImage]]
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 Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue. Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue.
 +Solar Chargers:
 +  * Add firmware v1.53 update:
 +    * Include low power mode for the small models. Idle current consumption (when PV is around 0V) is reduced by around 70%.
 +    * Improve remote voltage sense compensation to speed up filtering when necessary and improve voltage control response.
 +    * Change 100/20 48V default battery changed from 48V to auto detection.
 +    * Fix remote voltage compensation for small models. The voltage compensation of small MPPTs did not consider some current depended voltage drops, causing the MPPT to have a higher voltage setpoint, up to 200mV, depending on the MPPT current. This FW version fix that.
 +  * Add firmware v3.01 for VE.Can and *.xup based firmware MPPT models:
 +    * Change firmware version number to v3.xx range to avoid confusion between different solar charger models.
 +    * Improve error 28 trigger conditions.
 +    * Improve detection of error 38/39 for 250V models.
 +VE.Smart Bluetooth Dongle:
 +  * Add firmware v2.26 update
 +    * Prevent switching to unsupported baud rates
 +    * Support keep alive mechanism
 +    * Fix to prevent fragmented responses which could cause failing update over BLE of attached product
 +==== v5.32 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-09-23 **
 +  * Fix "Fetching data" message is shown on the background when the alert notification drawer is open.
 +  * Fix connection process gets stuck at 20% when the bonding information is not valid, e.g., after changing the PIN code from a different phone.
 +  * Fix default PIN code warning "Do not warn me again for this product" option sometimes is not applied until the app is restarted.
 +  * Improve behavior when a scan is started before the previously product was actually disconnected
 +  * Changes to Trends UI and zoom functionality
 +  * Show short note when firmware library is empty
 +  * Fix Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) preset for non-MPPT products with equalization auto stop mode setting support.
 +Orion Smart:
 +  * Add firmware v1.05:
 +    * Add input voltage modulation when input voltage gets below the engine shutdown detection level (Vshutdown) to avoid depleting the starter battery.
 +    * Add new engine shutdown detection strategy to include a delayed start level to allow the starter battery to recharge for some time after turning on the engine.
 +    * Add different default input voltage lock-out values for when the charger is at charger mode (12.5V and 12.8V) or at PSU mode (10.5V and 11V).
 +Phoenix Smart Charger:
 +  * Add remark "History data is for the total of all outputs" to history page (history is only available in beta firmware)
 +  * Improve charge current setting adding minimum, low, and max current presets. Low current preset matches the charger low current mode so the charger LEDs behavior is the same than when enabling by pressing the physical button.
 +Solar Chargers:
 +  * Add support for future MPPT models
 +Smart Chargers:
 +  * Add support for VE.Smart networking (only supported by beta firmware)
 +  * Layout fixes and improvements
 +  * Fix reported power supply state
 +  * Fix absorption time description
 +  * Change the way the adaptive absorption time is displayed, make it similar to the MPPT for more consistency.
 +  * Enabled more battery preset capabilities
 +  * Improve re-bulk voltage offset setting
 +  * Add "Why is the charger off?" functionality
 +  * Add low temperature cut-off settings (only supported by beta firmware)
 +  * Add IMPULSE-II Smart IP65 firmware v3.17
 +  * Add Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/5 firmware v3.22 update
 +==== v5.31 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-09-01 **
 +  * Fix connection gets stuck showing "Fetching data" when connecting to a Bluetooth dongle in fault state
 +BMV & SmartShunt:
 +  * Fix issue setting battery capacity to a value greater than 999Ah
 +  * Fix missing decimals for mid-point voltage alarm and relay
 +Smart Phoenix Inverter:
 +  * Fix disable Bluetooth function
 +==== v5.30 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-08-08 **
 +  * Fix firmware updates loop on iOS & macOS when updating products based on .xup firmware
 +==== v5.29 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-08-05 **
 +  * Fix BlueSolar VE.Can MPPT firmware update via VE.Direct Smart Dongle
 +==== v5.28 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-08-03 **
 +  * Add the date to history CSV exports
 +  * Add a setting to keep screen on while using VictronConnect
 +  * Improve Bluetooth connection
 +  * Allow commas and dots as decimal separator. This is useful on phones/computers with non-matching locale and keyboard layout configuration.
 +  * Fix default battery monitor values when creating a new battery preset
 +  * Unified MQTT and VRM error codes
 +  * Added acknowledgment checkbox on the disable Bluetooth dialog.
 +  * Fix duplicated disable Bluetooth switch/button
 +  * Keep the connecting blur until all the live values are fetched.
 +  * Show battery monitor settings in battery presets only if supported by the product
 +  * Improve error message shown when opening a settings file created with an older VictronConnect version.
 +Solar Chargers:
 +  * Update “Fixed absorption” description text
 +VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers:
 +  * Add firmware v475
 +  * Fix when updating the dongle firmware, a wrong warning that corresponds to Multi/Quattro firmware update is displayed.
 +  * Fix VE.Bus product is not recognized after a firmware update requiring to press the scan button.
 +Orion Smart:
 +  * Add firmware update v1.04 for Non-Isolated models (mandatory update):
 +    * Fix a bug regarding the temperature compensation of the output voltage.
 +Smart Chargers:
 +  * Collapse status widget when scrolling
 +  * Add support for future Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger revision 2 models
 +  * Fix “User defined” is shown when selecting Lithium preset from VictronConnect presets library
 +  * Fix vertical scroll bar in live data page is not shown on desktops and tablets when in landscape mode
 +Lynx BMS:
 +  * Add Lynx Ion BMS support
 +Battery monitor:
 +  * Fix remaining time shows NaN when soc is lower than the discharge floor setting value
 +==== v5.27 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-07-06 **
 +  * Improve the warning and information messages in the firmware update page
 +  * Improve troubleshooting information
 +  * Show default PIN code to the connection progress pop-up
 +  * Advice to check the notifications bar when the pairing request doesn't appear on Android
 +  * Only advice to remove the product from the Bluetooth paired devices list when that could be the issue.
 +  * Disconnect every Bluetooth product before starting a new scan. This prevents the state where a product could remain connected after an interrupted firmware update.
 +  * Increase the number of lines logged into the service report.
 +  * Fix *.xup update fails when triggered within a few seconds after VictronConnect start up.
 +  * Add firmware v1.19 update (mandatory)
 +    * Fix issue with 12V batteries where cell 2 and cell 3 had a lower voltage when the battery was not charged for some time. (12V battery model only)
 +    * Fine-tuned balancer behaviour
 +==== v5.26 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-06-19 **
 +__Download links:__
 +  * iOS: [[|App Store]]
 +  * [[|Android]]
 +  * [[|Windows 7 and higher]]
 +  * macOS [[|10.12 (macOS Sierra) and higher|App Store]]
 +  * [[|Linux AppImage]] 
 +Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue.
 +  * Fix freezes for a small amount of time while retrieving installations from the VRM server
 +  * Fix possible crashes after re-scan
 +  * Fix Android crashes and synchronization problems
 +  * Fix devices in range list doesn't refresh when joining an existing VE.Smart network
 +  * Fix settings save/load buttons sometimes remain disabled having to reconnect to activate them
 +  * Fix the PIN dialog keeps the input of the first PIN change when changing the PIN twice on same session
 +  * Remove duplicated demo products
 +  * Do not show the default PIN code warning if there is a mandatory firmware update available
 +  * Improve PIN code reset via PUK error handling
 +  * Fix PIN code reset via PUK on Linux
 +MPPT Solar Chargers:
 +  * New "charger off reason" feature: Display the actual off reason reported by the charger and offers guidance for troubleshooting possible installation problems. This feature is not available for the following solar charger models:
 +    * BlueSolar 70/15
 +    * BlueSolar 75/10
 +    * BlueSolar 75/15
 +    * BlueSolar 100/15
 +    * BlueSolar 100/30 rev1
 +    * BlueSolar 150/35 rev1
 +    * BlueSolar 75/50
 +    * BlueSolar 100/50 rev1
 +  * Disable equalization voltage setting when Lithium preset is selected
 +  * Rename "ESS" state by "External control"
 +  * Improve battery status reporting and remove the "Busy" state.
 +Orion Smart:
 +  * Fix battery preset setting shows "Factory default" instead the name of the selected preset
 +VE.Bus inverter/chargers:
 +  * Fix firmware update button is disabled when forcing Multi/Quattro detection.
 +  * Add firmware v474
 +  * Fix history CSV export
 +  * Add SOC and temperature readout to the demo product
 +Smart Chargers:
 +  * Fix wrong voltage limits on demos
 +==== v5.25 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-05-25 **
 +  * Mark the VE.Direct Smart Dongle (Rev1) firmware v2.23 as a mandatory update. When a dongle running firmware v2.10 is connected to a BMV-70x the battery reading current is read only once and doesn't update when the value changes.
 +  * Fix an issue that makes firmware updates via VE.Direct cable will not use higher baud rates than 19k2 making the firmware update slower than it should be.
 +MPPT Solar Chargers:
 +  * Fix an issue that can make the battery voltage settings don't show the 36&48V options when the MPPT actually supports them.
 +==== v5.24 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-05-22 **
 +MPPT Solar Chargers:
 +  * Fix a bug that makes battery current readout stop updating
 +  * Fix Re-bulk offset setting shows the offset instead the resultant voltage when modifying it. This issue is only present German translation.
 +Smart Chargers:
 +  * Fix main widget misalignment when in PSU mode and translation text is too long
 +==== v5.23 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-05-22 **
 __Changes:__ __Changes:__
-  * Android: Update targetSDK to API Level 28 (Android 9, Pieas required to Google Play Store. This change does not have any effect on compatibility, the minimum Android version supported is v5.0 as in previous VictronConnect version.+  * Fix history CSV export (Solar Chargers & Blue Smart Chargers) 
 +  * Fix Multi/Quattro AC Input control battery low voltage condition 
 +  * Fix battery settings voltages on Orion Smart demos 
 +  * Fix updater issues when the update button is pressed while the connection is not ready
-  Show devices in the devices list even when connection is not possible because are already connected to another phone/computerCompatible devices: +==== v5.22 (Released officially) ==== 
-    * VE.Direct dongles - released in v2.17 for SmartBMV, VE.Direct SmartSolarPhoenixInverterSmart and VE.Direct external dongle; released in v2.18 for VE.Can SmartSolar+** 2020-05-18 ** 
-    * SmartLithium batteries - released in v1.17 + 
-    * Smart Battery Sense released in v1.04 +__Changes:__ 
-    * IMPULSE-II Smart chargers since v3.09 + 
-    * Phoenix Smart Charger - since v3.08+  * Fix new battery presets cannot be created 
 +==== v5.21 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2020-05-18 ** 
 +  * Improved Bluetooth stability on Android 
 +  * Fix crash on Android when removing the USB serial port 
 +  * Performance improvements, mostly noticeable during connection time. 
 +  * Do not show the disable Bluetooth warnings when connected via VE.Direct cable 
 +  * VE.Smart network UI/UX improvements 
 +  * Fix battery presets edition 
 +  * Improve URL scheme registration on Linux 
 +  * Fix freezes on macOS where there are Bluetooth devices providing a serial port interface 
 +Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Add Bluetooth firmware v2.25 
 +  * Add firmware v1.50 
 +    * Improve PV Short Protection detection for 250V models when on ESS 
 +    * Add timeout to join a synchronised charging network 
 +    * Remove error 68. Now, the error will be no longer triggered when the same information comes from BLE and VE.Direct. A decision method based on priority is appliedwhere VE.Direct has a higher priority when compared to BLE. For more informationsee MPPT Error Codes. 
 +    * Fix spurious charge algorithm reset after overshoot/zero current event. 
 +  * Add firmware v1.06 (VE.Can models) 
 +    * Update error 68 trigger conditions. Now, the error will be no longer triggered when the same information comes from BLE and VE.Direct/VE.Can. A decision method based on priority is applied, where VE.Direct/VE.Can have a higher priority when compared to BLE. Error will still be triggered if same data is received from VE.Direct and VE.Can. For more information, see MPPT Error Codes
 +    * Improved error 38/39 detection when charger is externally controlled (i.e. ESS mode). 
 +    * Fixed issue that could lead the MPPT to trigger error 67 (BMS missing) even when the BMS was present at the network. Also, the error could not be cleared properly. 
 +    * Change error 67 behavior by turning it into a warning, not error. Output voltage drops to the battery base voltage. 
 +    * Fix the reception of the charge current limit. That was a combined issue with Venus OS. The fix for the Venus is available on Venus OS v2.53 or higher. 
 +    * Fix NMEA device instance change when done over complex commands on VE.Can. 
 +  * Show PV power of all the synchronised charging MPPT'in the VE.Smart network 
 +Blue Smart Chargers: 
 +  * Add firmware v3.21 update: 
 +    * **Added custom battery settings** 
 +    * Added charge cycle history 
 +      * Keeps track of the last 40 charge cycles 
 +      * Keeps track of the cumulative data, like operating time, charged Ah, etc. 
 +    * Improved Bluetooth connectability 
 +      * Fixed issue on some Android phones that kept the connection alive when it must be closed 
 +      * Show charger as not-connectable (greyed out) in VictronConnect, when it is already connected to another device 
 +      * Extend Bluetooth range for Blue Smart IP67 chargers 
 +      * Improved Bluetooth stability when performing a firmware update 
 +    * Changed re-bulk strategy 
 +      * The charger now automatically jumps back to bulk from (almost) all states if the current demand exceeds the maximum charge current. Previously this was only possible from the float and storage state. 
 +      * A setting is introduced to set a current threshold for jumping back to bulk (default disabled). When the charge current in float or storage exceeds this threshold value it will jump back to bulk
 +    * Improved relay clicking when mains is disconnected 
 +  * Fix app crash can happen on Android on reconnection when bringing back the app from background 
 +  * Fix error "-100" on poor network connections or Venus devices with high CPU loads, now connection is retried and the error is better handled. 
 +  * Do not try to get a list of devices when the user has no full control access to the installation. 
 +  * Add battery soc readout and battery monitor settings 
 +  * Add new overview page with current flow lines 
 +VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers: 
 +  * Hide temperature compensation setting when Lithium battery setting is enabled 
 +  * Add firmware v473 
 +    * Added grid code for Denmark.
(based on “Technical regulation 3-3-1 for electrical energy storage facilities”) 
 +    * Added option to limit AC current to/from inverter for the grid codes:
Europe, Belgium, Austria and Germany
 +    * Added Lock-in/Lock-out on AC input voltage for the Cosϕ function for the grid codes:
Europe, Belgium and Austria 
 +Phoenix Smart Charger
 +  * Add firmware update v3.19: 
 +    * Disable 30 seconds Bluetooth recovery time at power-up 
 +    * Bluetooth can be re-enabled through VE.Direct or by pressing the MODE button for 10s 
 +    * Hide re-bulk current setting; not used, but could still be set 
 +BMV & SmartShunt: 
 +  * Increase displayed battery current resolution 
 +  * Fix voltage settings limits for BMV-710H Smart 
 +Smart Chargers: 
 +  * Make the default max bulk time product specific 
 +==== v5.20 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2020-04-06 ** 
 +  * Include Linux build as part of the releases 
 +  * Fix iOS video playback 
 +  * Make connection retry mechanism stop after three attempts 
 +  * Fix app can freeze when changing layout by resizing the window 
 +  * Internal improvements 
 +  * Speed up firmware updates for *.dup firmware based products 
 +  * Improve alarm notifications panel 
 +  * Add connection keep alive mechanism:  
 +    * Fix that on Android, in certain situations the Bluetooth connection remains active when it should be closed. 
 +    * Needs to be supported by the device firmware, at this moment only supported by Smart Battery Protect firmware v2.04. 
 +(New)VRM feature:  
 +  * Monitor, configure and update VE.Direct devices remotely. 
 +  * Improve scanning by using a new API 
 +  * Add a dialog explaining the location services permission requirement 
 +  * Fix random crashes 
 +  * Show PIN code reset option 
 +  * Add history reset button 
 +  * Improve night mode handling 
 +  * Make re-bulk current a battery parameter 
 +  * Fix update notification doesn't update when error changes 
 +  * Add invalid history data error, including advice of how to recover 
 +  * Make changes to charge cycles history in preparation to upcoming new firmware version 
 +  * Add support for InverterRS 
 +VE.Direct Phoenix Inverter: 
 +  * Add firmware v1.21 (mandatory): 
 +      * Fix for false “No Calibration” error 
 +  * Add demo for Phoenix Inverter 1200VA 230V 
 +Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Add missing support for SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85
 +SmartBMS CL:
 +  * Add support for Smart BMS CL
 +Smart Battery Protect:
 +  * Update Alarm and Warnings to better reflect manual
 +  * Add firmware v2.04 update (mandatory):
 +    * Added Charge Protection, which prevents overheating that happened when the product is installed wrongly, ie. by connecting a charger (e.g. a Multi) to the output. Note that still, also with this firmware update, the product is not to be installed in such manner. It is not designed to handle reverse currents. All currents need to go from IN to OUT. Which also means it cannot be used in combination with an inverter/charger like Multis and Quattros. This protection merely reduces the risk of overheating, smoke and fire in case of such error in the installation- design or -wiring. In detail:
 +      * When (output is disabled and) output voltage is 0.5V higher than battery voltage and internal temperature is above 45 °C, the output will be enabled.
 +      * Output will be kept enabled until internal temperature drops below 45 °C for 30 seconds.
 +      * All this time E8 is blinking on the display and showing an error in VictronConnect.
 +    * Support indication of default Bluetooth PIN.
 +    * Support advertising connection state while being connected to VictronConnect.
 +    * When changing the PIN, drop the existing bond information, such that user needs to pair again when reconnecting.
 +    * Fix issue with VE.Smart, where communication could come to a halt.
 +    *  Several internal improvements.
 GX devices: GX devices:
-  * Add WiFi/Ethernet configuration. This is only available when connected via Bluetooth.+  * Fix detection of CCGX using old firmware version 
 +  * Fix GX device pre-selection on VRM registration 
 +Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Fix demo of some models doesn't allow to set the battery voltage to 36 and 48 volts 
-Smart Chargers: +VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers: 
-  * Add firmware v3.14 for Blue Smart IP22/IP65/IP67 Chargers: +  * Add MultiPlus-II firmware v471 
-    Added option to disable BLE off recovery time of 30s for security reasons. This means that for the Blue Smart IP67 Charger a bluetooth killswitch is introduced, because there is no way to re-enable bluetooth once disabled. For both the Blue Smart IP22 and IP65 the MODE button can be used to perform a bluetooth reset and re-enable bluetooth. +  Fix AC low voltage connect value in demos 
-  * Add expert mode to battery settings, now some of the settings are hidden by default. +  * Add demo for MultiPlus-II 5000
-  * Correct charge history values in demo products+
-==== v5.14beta3 ==== 
-** 2019-11-26 ** 
 +==== v5.19 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2020-02-20 **
 __Changes:__ __Changes:__
-  * Guide the user when a product is not found: +  * Fix crashes might occur after a firmware update when the continue button is pressed
-    * Shows a button on the device list page +
-    * Shows a troubleshoot guide with the most common cases +
-  * Show Bluetooth Off as a button if it's permanent instead of a switch. +
-  * Fix firmware update issues on Android version 8 or lower: It is impossible to update a BLE product with a .bup file. And for Android 8, there are errors with receiving data. (Issue introduced in v5.14beta1)+
-Phoenix VE.Direct Inverters+VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers
-  * Add firmware v1.19 update for 800/1200VA models: +  * Include firmware v470 for MultiPlus-II models 
-    * Fix for 800/1200VA VE.Direct-InvertersPower-up fails at a low battery voltage+    * Improved PWM driving 
 +==== v5.18 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2020-02-13 ** 
 +  * Performance improvements on iOS and at first run for rest of platforms. 
 +  * Fix notifications drawer don't update the alarm/warning/error description is some cases 
 +  * Order demo groups alphabetically 
 +SmartSolar VE.Can: 
 +  * Fix firmware updating via Bluetooth
-Phoenix Smart Chargers: +GX devices: 
-  * Fix Phoenix Smart Charger page doesn't open(Issue introduced in v5.14beta1)+  * Improve Venus network settings layout 
 +  * Add new icons for Cerbo GX, Maxi GX, Octo GX and MultiPlus-II GX 
 + Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Change default CSV name to SolarCharger instead of BlueSolar 
 +Smart Chargers: 
 +  * Add default value to re-bulk current setting to the demo of those models that support advanced settings 
 +Smart Battery Protect: 
 +  * Fix load output switch stays at off position when it should be in on position after pressing cancel in the deactivation warning dialog 
 +  * Fix Input section is overlapped on BMV demos 
 +  * Add SmartShunt demo products 
 +  * Add 12V 100&150 Ah models 
 +==== v5.17 (Released officially==== 
 +** 2020-02-03 ** 
 +  * General performance improvements 
 +  * Do not show default PIN code warning when there is a mandatory update available 
 +  * Fix missing decimal digits and units for trends 
 +  * Show a warning when trying to use an invalid firmware file 
 +GX devices: 
 +  * Auto select the correct host for the remote console when connected via Bluetooth 
 + Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Improve StreetLight settings UX 
 +  * Improve TX port and Load output settings UX 
 +  * Add support for new models
 Blue Smart Chargers: Blue Smart Chargers:
-  * Rename expert settings to advanced settings  +  * Do not show advanced settings on demos when not supported by the charger 
-  * Fix main page layout when PSU function is selected +  
-  * Hide recondition warning when PSU selected +Phoenix Inverter: 
-  * Do not repeat colors in charge cycle history +  * Set 60Hz as default freq. for 120V Phoenix Inverter demos, so that it matches the real 120V products that also have 60Hz as default
-  * Show the correct name for the recondition bar segment in charge history+
-IMPULSE-II Smart IP65 Chargers: +BMV-712 
-  * Add firmware v3.15: +  * Optimise the firmware file format to improve the update speed 
-    Limit charging below 17.4V: +     No changes related, version is kept as v4.03.
-      * Trigger a low battery voltage error +
-      * Open the output relay +
-      * Set the charge voltage to 24V +
-      * Limit the charge current to 1A+
-MPPT Solar Chargers: +Smart Chargers: 
-  * Fix available options on RX Functions for MPPTs. Small models have all 4 options, bigger models do not have "Load output +  * Add re-bulk current setting
 +VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers:
 +  * Include latest firmware, v469
 +  * Add missing name/model description for some MultiPlus models
-==== v5.14beta2 ==== 
-** 2019-11-12 ** 
 +==== v5.16 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2019-12-20 **
 __Changes:__ __Changes:__
-  * Fix crash at startup+  * Fix GX devices discovery on macOS (UPnP) 
 +  * Fix Windows 7 is reported as unsupported Operating System
-Impulse-II chargers: 
-  * Restore charge cycles history 
-==== v5.14beta1 ==== +==== v5.15 (Released officially) ==== 
-** 2019-11-11 **+** 2019-12-12 **
 +  * Fix an issue that freezes VictronConnect when connecting to a BMV-712 or SmartSolar and there is a Bluetooth interface firmware update available
 +==== v5.14 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2019-12-10 **
 __Changes:__ __Changes:__
-  * Make it clear that product is using latest firmware  + 
-  * Show built-in firmware if there is a firmware update available +  * Guide the user when a product is not found: 
 +    * Show a button on the device list page which links to a troubleshoot page with the most common connection issues. 
 +  * Make it clear that product is using latest firmware 
 +  * Show built-in firmware if there is a firmware update available
   * Advice to remove bond when resetting PIN code by using PUK code; Otherwise, if using an invalid bond the puk reset process will fail   * Advice to remove bond when resetting PIN code by using PUK code; Otherwise, if using an invalid bond the puk reset process will fail
   * Add SOC to battery settings so now it is possible to manually set it.   * Add SOC to battery settings so now it is possible to manually set it.
   * Add storage settings to battery presets   * Add storage settings to battery presets
-  * Check device OS and warn if it is not supported by VictronConnect  +  * Check device OS and warn if it is not supported by VictronConnect 
-  * Do not show default PIN code warning if there is a mandatory update available +  * Do not show default PIN code warning if there is a mandatory update available
   * Fix trends sometimes don't restore the stored trend views   * Fix trends sometimes don't restore the stored trend views
 +  * Do not show the default PIN security warning when there is a mandatory update available
 +  * Show devices in the devices list even when connection is not possible because are already connected to another phone/computer. Compatible devices:
 +    * VE.Direct dongles - released in v2.17 for SmartBMV, VE.Direct SmartSolar, PhoenixInverterSmart and VE.Direct external dongle; released in v2.18 for VE.Can SmartSolar.
 +    * SmartLithium batteries - released in v1.17
 +    * Smart Battery Sense - released in v1.04
 +    * IMPULSE-II Smart chargers - since v3.09
 +    * Phoenix Smart Charger - since v3.08
-Blue Smart Chargers: +  
-  * Add settings support for IP65 XL models +
 MPPT Solar Chargers: MPPT Solar Chargers:
   * Add a text to advice to remove the jumper in VE.Direct port when changing load output operation mode.   * Add a text to advice to remove the jumper in VE.Direct port when changing load output operation mode.
 +  * Fix available options on RX Functions for MPPTs. Small models have all 4 options, bigger models do not have a load output.
 +Smart Chargers:
 +  * Add settings support for IP65 24/13 & 12/25 models
 +  * Add firmware v3.14 for Blue Smart IP22/IP65/IP67 Chargers:
 +    * Added option to disable BLE off recovery time of 30s for security reasons. This means that for the Blue Smart IP67 Charger a bluetooth killswitch is introduced, because there is no way to re-enable bluetooth once disabled. For both the Blue Smart IP22 and IP65 the MODE button can be used to perform a bluetooth reset and re-enable bluetooth.
 +Phoenix VE.Direct Inverters:
 +  * Add firmware v1.19 update for 800/1200VA models:
 +  * Fix for 800/1200VA VE.Direct-Inverters: Power-up fails at a low battery voltage
 +VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers:
 +  * Add firmware v467 for MultiPlus-II
 VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle: VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle:
Line 129: Line 584:
     * Advertising with own product ID started if no successful VeDirect communication was possible within 20 seconds (fallback to be able to update dongle at all times).     * Advertising with own product ID started if no successful VeDirect communication was possible within 20 seconds (fallback to be able to update dongle at all times).
 +IMPULSE-II Smart IP65 Chargers:
 +  * Add firmware v3.15:
 +  * Limit charging below 17.4V:
 +  * Trigger a low battery voltage error
 +  * Open the output relay
 +  * Set the charge voltage to 24V
 +  * Limit the charge current to 1A
 ==== v5.13 (Released officially) ==== ==== v5.13 (Released officially) ====
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