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 See also the [[victronconnect:​start]]. See also the [[victronconnect:​start]].
 +Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue.
 ===== Changelog ===== ===== Changelog =====
-==== v5.8beta8 ​==== +==== v5.12beta4 ​==== 
-** 2019-07-10 **+** 2019-10-08 **
 __Download links:__ __Download links:__
   * iOS: Join TestFlight https://​​join/​cvufYMEh   * iOS: Join TestFlight https://​​join/​cvufYMEh
-  * [[https://​​s/​nbjejfs6kqox5zi/​VictronConnect-v5.8beta8-armv7.apk?​dl=1|Android ARMv7]]* +  * [[https://​​s/​g1mx1t0pzdsmjux/​VictronConnect-v5.12beta4-arm64_v8a.apk?​dl=1|Android ARM64 (3 years old or less mid/high end phones. Try ARMv7 if this doesn'​t work)]]* 
-  * [[https://​​s/​78n7stvfcqcz0te/​VictronConnect-v5.8beta8-x86.apk?​dl=1|Android x86]]* +  * [[https://​​s/​o1rlve7mpiza22p/​VictronConnect-v5.12beta4-armv7.apk?​dl=1|Android ARMv7]]* 
-  * [[https://​​s/​sthnrsnc15vdgh7/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe?​dl=1|Windows 7 and higher]] +  * [[https://​​s/​sr1jl1zr3agr5bc/​VictronConnect-v5.12beta4-x86.apk?​dl=1|Android x86]]* 
-  * [[https://​​s/​8oz0jl1y3cj1ej0/​VictronConnect.dmg?​dl=1|Mac OS X 10.10 and higher]]+  * [[https://​​s/​1bzopchqx1l5n24/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe?​dl=1|Windows 7 and higher]] 
 +  * [[https://​​s/​u0byb2rpmrx3r7i/​VictronConnect.dmg?​dl=1|Mac OS X 10.10 and higher]]
 * Android: If you can't open the downloaded file from the downloads list try using a file browser. * Android: If you can't open the downloaded file from the downloads list try using a file browser.
 Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue. Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue.
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-  * Fix links on firmware update result text doesn't work +  * Update and replace ​links to manuals by short URL's 
 VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers:​ VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers:​
-  * Fix settings files don't restore correctly some of the settings  +  * Show maximum absorption voltage due to the battery temperature compensation
-  * Fix Inverter/​Chargers error message is shown in devices list for short amount of time just after updating the firmware. Now the "​retrieving data" message is displayed. +
-  * Improve lithium charger setting explanation+
-Blue Smart Chargers+Smart Phoenix Inverters
-  * Update the link pointing to the manual shown when a firmware update fails+  * Fix VA gauge scale for 5kVA models
   ​   ​
 +==== v5.12beta3 ====
 +** 2019-10-02 **
 +  * Fix trends values selector margins
 +  * Fix unpairing videos not shown on "reset pin"
 +  * Do not show "Reset PIN" button if device is in bootloader
   ​   ​
-==== v5.8beta7 ==== +BMV-712: 
-** 2019-07-06 **+  Add BMV-712 firmware v4.03 (previously v4.01): 
 +    ​Fix an issue that makes the buzzer inaudible
-__Download links:__+VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers: 
 +  * Add firmware version 465 update (previously v460 & v463): 
 +  * Charger settings:  
 +    * Add battery temperature compensation setting 
 +    * Move float voltage one place down 
 +    * Fix "​Lithium battery"​ switch state doesn'​t reflect the actual value of the setting 
 +  * Change hysteresis for Low DC Disconnect and Restart setting 
 +  * Fix crash when an invalid firmware update file is selected 
 +  * Add errors notification 
 +  * Wrt all recently added settings to VEConfigure (batt. temperature conpensation,​ low dc disconnect & restart changes, etc, VictronConnect is now. up to date again). Showing why Grid is rejected & showing batt. temp compensation details, also added to VEConfigure recently, is still on the todo.
-  * iOSJoin TestFlight https://​​join/​cvufYMEh +Smart Battery Protect
-  * [[https://​​s/​bpfoxyrc7pr9o1z/​VictronConnect-v5.8beta7-armv7.apk?​dl=1|Android ARMv7]]* +  * Show the correct icon for Smart Battery Protect 48-100
-  * [[https://​​s/​roxpt7r3vumyggj/​VictronConnect-v5.8beta7-x86.apk?​dl=1|Android x86]]* +
-  * [[https://​​s/​sthnrsnc15vdgh7/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe?​dl=1|Windows 7 and higher]] +
-  * [[https://​​s/​8oz0jl1y3cj1ej0/​VictronConnect.dmg?​dl=1|Mac OS X 10.10 and higher]]+
-AndroidIf you can't open the downloaded file from the downloads list try using file browser.+SmartLithium batteries:​ 
 +  ​Add firmware version 1.17 update (previously v1.16): 
 +    * Add cell under voltage pre-alarm threshold setting 
 +    * Add support for BMS Pre-Alarm 
 +    * Warn if default PIN is used 
 +    * Fix issue with custom device name and Bluetooth advertisement 
 +    * Fix issue where cell 8 voltage was not properly monitored (24V models only) 
 +    * Fix issue where BMS outputs toggle after firmware update in case on or more outputs are inactive when starting the update 
 +    * Improved reliability of Bluetooth connection during FW updates
-Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue.+ 
 +==== v5.12beta2 ==== 
 +** 2019-09-19 **
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-  * Fix firmware update button is not visible for products connected via Bluetooth +  * Fix VE.Smart networking ​settings page does not show information 
- +==== v5.12beta1 ​==== 
-VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers:​ +** 2019-09-19 **
-  * Fix VictronConnect can crash in some situations while retrieving data +
-  * Fix VE.Bus firmware updates doesn'​t work with other than built-in files on Windows +
-  * Include MK3-USB interface firmware v207, update is automatic and transparent +
-  * Improve ​settings ​changes and firmware update warning texts +
-  * Reword AC input control settings and improve feature description +
-  * Fix font artefacts in overview ​page on Windows 10 +
-  ​ +
-==== v5.8beta6 ​==== +
-** 2019-07-01 **+
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-Bluetooth products: +  * Improve firmware update failure messages 
-  * Add instructional videos of how to remove the device pairing, required after a PIN code change+  * Hide "Reset Pin" button on Windows. Not supported 
 +  * Improve ​PIN code change ​dialogs 
 +  * Do not mention solar chargers in battery presets, presets is used by different type of chargers
-VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers+VE.Smart network
-  * Add Lithium battery setting to charger page +  * Change ​the way that a VE.Smart network information is presented: 
-  * Add link to the VictronConnect ​VE.Bus manual +    Show devices that are in range for the connected product 
-  Fix settings files doesn'​t store all the values +    Devices ​in range signal strength
-  * Hide save/load buttons if settings ​are locked +
-  * Fix "​Frequecy"​ instead of "​Frequency"​ typo +
-  * Use proper version format ​in the update page +
-  Show "​Off"​ state instead of "​Unknown"​ when rocker switch is in "​Off"​ position+
 +Phoenix Inverter:
 +  * Fix wrong frequency is reported as the working on after changing the frequency setting. Changes in frequency are not applied until the setting is permanently stored.
 +  * Report the reason why the inverter is off.
 +  * Add support for future models
 +GX devices:
 +  * Show VRM ID in addition to host IP
-==== v5.8beta5 ​==== +MPPT Solar Chargers: 
-** 2019-06-25 **+  * Add firmware update v1.44: 
 +    * Add synchronised charging through VE.Smart Network for SmartSolars 
 +  * VE.Can SmartSolar MPPT: 
 +    * Add firmware update v1.03 
 +Bluetooth internal and external dongles: 
 +  * Add firmware update v2.21 (v2.20 for Phoenix Inverters) 
 +Blue Smart chargers: 
 +  * Add firmware update v3.12: 
 +    * Update for all Blue Smart Chargers: IP22, IP65(exept Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/25 & 24/13) & IP67 
 +    * Added BLE on/off 
 +      * When BLE is disabled, it will still be temporarily enabled for 30s at power-up. The user can connect within this 30s to re-enable BLE again, perform a firmware update or monitor the device. The connection will remain active when the user connects within the 30s. When the user disconnects,​ BLE will be disabled. 
 +    * Clear bonded devices when the PIN is changed, except the connected device 
 +    * Advice default PIN 
 +    * Add BLE reset by press and hold the MODE button for 10s 
 +      * Disconnect the active device 
 +      * Restore PIN to default 
 +      * Remove all bonded devices 
 +      * Re-enable BLE 
 +    * Prevent VE.Smart communication from lockup 
 +  * Add firmware update v3.11 for Blue Smart IP65XL Chargers 12/25 & 24/13 
 +==== v5.11 (Released officially) ​==== 
 +** 2019-09-18 ** 
 +Blog post: [[https://​​blog/​2019/​09/​11/​victronconnect-5-9-solar-charger-improvements-and-much-more|VictronConnect 5.9 – Solar Charger improvements and much more]]
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers:​ +Fix VictronConnect could not recover properly after an interrupted bluetooth ​update ​of the bluetooth microcontroller/​dongles ​in our products.
-  * Hide update button when connected via VE.Bus Smart Dongle +
-  * Hide unused items when connected to a inverter-only product +
-  * Fix AC input limit for demo products +
-  * Use proper version format in the update ​page +
-  * Show scrollbars when necessary in the live data page +
-  * Improve reported connection progress during connection +
-  * Improve MK3-USB detection on Windows, "Force VE.Bus detection"​ option is not necessary anymore +
-  * Fix text is not correctly rendered ​in the live data panel, issue only seen on Windows +
-   +
-VE.Can MPPT: +
-  * Include firmware v1.02 +
-    * Synchronized charging with VE.Can. This works the same as with previous models. +
-    * Add ESS support. +
-    * Add BMS support. +
-  ​+
-SmartSolar chargers, Smart BMV, Smart Phoenix Inverters & VE.Direct Smart Bluetooth dongle: + 
-  * Include firmware v2.19: +==== v5.10 (Released officially) ​==== 
-    * Fix for using wrong BLE advertisement +** 2019-09-13 **
-    * Fix for higher current consumption for Phoenix Inverter Smart in “Off” state. +
-   +
-Windows: +
-  * Fix VictronConnect has a generic executable application icon instead of the VictronConnect one. +
-   +
-  +
-==== v5.8beta4 ​==== +
-** 2019-06-14 **+
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers: +MPPT Solar Chargers:
-  * Fix battery deactivation conditions are greyed out after configuring them +
-  * Fix DC deactivation option list text is empty when "​Absorption finished"​ is selected +
-  * Fix some typos +
-  * Firmware updater improvements+
-Solar Chargers: +- Fix an issue with the MPPT battery presets ​created with VictronConnect v5.8 and older. Those old presets don’t include values for the new settings ​introduced in MPPT firmware v1.42. Because of that, when the user selected ​and re-applied such “old” preset using VictronConnect 5.9, settings like Adaptive absorption were disabled, while they should be enabled by default.
-  * Presets can be created with incorrect values from a demo product ​and therefore when loading it on a real product makes the charger enter in error mode having to restore ​settings ​and power cycle it. +
-  * Settings scales accordingly ​the selected ​battery voltage+
-Orion Smart: 
-  * Add support for Orion Smart converters 
-GX devices: +==== v5.9 (Released officially) ==== 
-  Support Maxi GX and other future GX models +** 2019-09-11 **
-  ​Make possible to connect to a GX device even if the model is not recognised.+
 +Blog post: [[https://​​blog/​2019/​09/​11/​victronconnect-5-9-solar-charger-improvements-and-much-more|VictronConnect 5.9 – Solar Charger improvements and much more]]
-==== v5.8beta3 ===+__Download links:__ 
-** 2019-05-29 **+ 
 +  * iOS: [[https://​​app/​victronconnect/​id943840744?​mt=8|App Store]] (Pending of App Store approval) 
 +  * [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.victronenergy.victronconnect|Android]] 
 +  [[http://​​feeds/​VictronConnect/​windows/​w7/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe|Windows 7 and higher]] 
 +  ​macOS [[https://​​app/​victronconnect/​id1084677271?​mt=12|10.10 (OS X Yosemite) and higher|App Store]]
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-SmartSolar chargers & VE.Direct ​Smart Bluetooth dongle: +General: 
-  * Include Bluetooth firmware v2.18: +  * Trends tab remembers last selected graphs for certain product family 
-    * Fix for VE.Smart Networking not receiving Voltage ​and Temperature data (issue introduced ​in v2.17)+  * Improve PIN code change process 
-==== v5.8beta2 ==== +  * Improve information shown when unable to connect to a product 
-** 2019-05-24 **+  * Fix PIN code reset via PUK code interface issues 
 +  * Fix settings files buttons could not appear when VE.Direct ​connected 
 +  * Fix overlapped text in the Inverter/​Charger details page on Windows 10 
 +  *  Show a warning when using Default PIN via BLE 
 +    * Default PIN code must be always changed to prevent unwanted connections,​ now we advise it when default PIN code has not been changed 
 +  * Firmware updates are no longer mandatory ​for basic monitoring:​ 
 +    * Live data page: This page can be accessed without updating the firmware unless the update is highly recommended and marked as mandatory. 
 +    * Setting pages: To view and modify settings it is always necessary to update the product to the latest version included ​in VictronConnect
 +  * Do not allow change PIN code to same code 
 +  Update the framework on top of which VictronConnect is built, required to comply with Google Play Store requirements. This will improve the application performance but adds a drawback: We have to drop support for old OS versions, see below.
 +  * Add ARM64bit build: Takes advantage of all the power of modern CPUs. This is also required by Google Play Store. 
 +  * Drop support for Android versions older than 5.0(Lollipop). 
 +  * Remove unintentional Android "​microphone"​ and "​camera"​ permissions,​ they are actually never user by VictronConnect. 
 +  * Requires iOS version 11 or newer. Oldest iPhone supported now is iPhone 5s. 
 +MPPT Chargers: 
 +  * Include firmware v1.42 (v1.43 for some models) for BlueSolar and SmartSolar chargers: 
 +    * The Lithium battery rotary switch preset has been changed. Absorption time is fixed to 2 hours, and it will not stop on low tail current. 
 +    * The re-bulk voltage was lowered from 13.7V to 13.4V (for all battery types). 
 +    * Added four new settings: 
 +      * Adjustable tail current (changeover from absorption to float). 
 +      * Adjustable re-bulk offset voltage (changeover from float to bulk). 
 +      * Adjustable automatic equalization parameters (current / duration). 
 +      * Choose between adaptive- and fixed- absorption time. The adaptive mode is the method that has always been in the algorithm. It adapts the time to the battery voltage as seen in the morning. The fixed absorption time is what it says it is: a fixed time. No multipliers related to voltage in the morning. Setting absorption time to fixed does not disable the tail current mechanism: disable that too to get a 100% fixed absorption time. Note that we advise to not use fixed absorption times for lead batteries. 
 +  * Include firmware v1.02 for SmartSolar VE.Can: 
 +      * Synchronized charging with VE.Can. This works the same as with previous models and the Skylla-i. 
 +      * Add ESS support. When connected on VE.Can, the VE.Can device instance must be 0. Just like with the previous BlueSolar VE.Can models. 
 +      * Add BMS support. 
 +      * All new battery charger settings: fixed absorption, tail current, re-bulk offset voltage, max auto equalization time, equalization auto stop and equalization current percentage 
 +      * Support for the Smart Battery Sense and BMV connected via Bluetooth VE.Smart. 
 +      * Update built-in presets database to match the new firmware 
 +  * Add support for new SmartShunt product 
 +  * Fix empty item in the transmitting list is shown in the VE.Smart networking settings page. 
 +Orion Smart: 
 +  * Add firmware v1.02 
 +  * Add engine shutdown detection setting 
 +  * Fix adaptive mode is not changed when selecting a battery preset 
 +BlueSmart Chargers IP65: 
 +  * Enable PUK code PIN reset when the product supports it 
 +  * Fix PIN code change button it shown multiple times on some devices 
 +VE.Direct Phoenix Inverter: 
 +  * Add firmware v1.17 
 +    * Add "ECO search time" setting 
 +    * Add option to disable Bluetooth on Smart models 
 +    * Fix wrong AC output voltage being shown in in some cases
 VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers:​ VE.Bus Inverter/​Chargers:​
-  * Add recovery mode+  * Add latest firmware versions (460 & 463) 
-    * In case of a failed firmware update now it is possible ​to recover without using VEFlashjust connect ​and follow the instructions.+  * VeBusInverterReduce minimum DC Input low restart voltage (24V/48V) 
 +    * The minimum DC Low Restart has been lowered for 24V models from 21.8 to 20.6, and from 43.6 to 41.2 for 48V models. Not for 12V units, due to hardware limitations.
-  * Improved troubleshooting texts 
-Windows+IMPULSE-II chargers
-  * Fix VE.Bus device are not detected. +  * Add charge cycles history
-   +
-Smart Battery Sense: +
-  * Include firmware v1.04 update+
-Bluetooth firmware update for the SmartSolar Chargers, VE.Direct Smart bluetooth dongle, Phoenix Inverters and BMV-712: + 
-  * Include Bluetooth firmware v2.17 update: +==== v5.8 (Released officially) ​==== 
-    * Indicate default pincode is still used (still needs work in VictronConnect to warn the user) +** 2019-07-18 ** 
-    * Disable bluetooth ( + 
-    ​ +__Notes:​__ 
-==== v5.8beta1 ​==== +  * When viewing the permissions of the Android version of VictronConnect,​ it shows "​microphone"​ and "​camera"​. This is unintentional and they are actually never user by VictronConnect. On Android versions >= 6, the individual permissions can be enabled/​disabled and the "​microphone"​ an "​camera"​ permissions can stay disabled. These permissions are removed in version 5.9beta2.
-** 2019-05-13 **+
 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
   * Add settings and firmware updates for Inverter/​Chargers connected via MK3-USB: ​   * Add settings and firmware updates for Inverter/​Chargers connected via MK3-USB: ​
-    * Latest firmware versions are included in the app and only the one valid for the connected ​device ​is shown +    * Firmware version 459 is included in the app and the correct file for the connected ​product ​is automatically selected ​when updating.
-    * As with VEFlash, settings are reset when updating ​the firmware+
     * Only basic settings are included, Virtual Switch and Assistants are not supported     * Only basic settings are included, Virtual Switch and Assistants are not supported
     * Only single unit systems are supported     * Only single unit systems are supported
-    * As this feature requires USB it is not supported by the iOS version. 
-    ​ 
-__Notes:__+Orion Smart: 
 +  * Add support for Orion Smart converters
-Settings ​and firmware updates are password protected ​to avoid unwanted changes, ​the password ​is the same used for the access level in our GX devices (Color Control GX, Venus GX..)+GX devices: 
 +  * Support Maxi GX and other future GX models 
 +  * Make possible ​to connect to a GX device even if the model is not recognised.
-Please keep in mind that although it has been tested by us and some collaborators this is a beta version and might contain errors.+Smart Battery Sense: 
 +  * Include firmware v1.04 update
-Don't change settings or update firmware if your system uses assistants. If you need to update your Inverter/​Charger ​firmware ​please use VictronConnect to help us testing it but note that you'll need to have access ​to a computer ​with VEConfigure ​to load the assistants again.+Blue Smart Chargers: 
 +    * Update the link pointing ​to the manual shown when a firmware ​update fails 
 +Bluetooth products: 
 +  * Add Bluetooth disable option for products ​that supports it, available in the product info page 
 +  * Add instructional videos of how to remove the device pairing, required after PIN code change 
 +VE.Can MPPT: 
 +  * Include firmware v1.02 
 +    * Synchronized charging ​with VE.Can. This works the same as with previous models. 
 +    * Add ESS support. 
 +    * Add BMS support. 
 +SmartSolar chargers, Smart BMV, Smart Phoenix Inverters & VE.Direct Smart Bluetooth dongle: 
 +  * Include firmware v2.19: 
 +    * Disable bluetooth option 
 +MPPT Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Settings now scale accordingly ​to the selected battery voltage 
 +  * Fix presets can be created with incorrect values from a demo product and therefore when loading it on a real product makes the charger enter in error mode having to restore settings and power cycle it. 
 +  * Fix links on firmware update result text doesn'​t work
-Firmware version 200 is required to see data and make changes to settings. 
-Firmware version 200 and a product with large microprocessor(the ones starting by 26&27) is required to be able to do a firmware update. 
 ==== v5.7 (Released officially) ==== ==== v5.7 (Released officially) ====
 ** 2019-05-08 ** ** 2019-05-08 **
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