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-===== Change log =====+===== Changelog ​=====
- +==== v5.8beta1 ​==== 
-==== v5.5beta1 ​==== +** 2019-05-13 **
-** 2019-03-15 **+
 __Download links:__ __Download links:__
-  * iOS: Join TestFlight https://​​join/​cvufYMEh +  * iOS: Join TestFlight https://​​join/​cvufYMEh ​(Pending of Apple approval) 
-  * [[https://​​s/​9my1txss5upcv2b/​VictronConnect-v5.5beta1-armv7.apk?​dl=1|Android ARMv7]]* +  * [[https://​​s/​t96yznlfoci5qu3/​VictronConnect-v5.8beta1-armv7.apk?​dl=1|Android ARMv7]]* 
-  * [[https://​​s/​qlpcq66dqd2q2kf/​VictronConnect-v5.5beta1-x86.apk?​dl=1|Android x86]]*+  * [[https://​​s/​36lcma5wh1ezimh/​VictronConnect-v5.8beta1-x86.apk?​dl=1|Android x86]]*
   * [[https://​​s/​sthnrsnc15vdgh7/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe?​dl=1|Windows 7 and higher]]   * [[https://​​s/​sthnrsnc15vdgh7/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe?​dl=1|Windows 7 and higher]]
   * [[https://​​s/​8oz0jl1y3cj1ej0/​VictronConnect.dmg?​dl=1|Mac OS X 10.10 and higher]]   * [[https://​​s/​8oz0jl1y3cj1ej0/​VictronConnect.dmg?​dl=1|Mac OS X 10.10 and higher]]
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 __Changes:​__ __Changes:​__
-  * Add global temperature ​unit settingcan be set on VictronConnect ​settings ​page+  * Add settings and firmware updates for Inverter/​Chargers connected via MK3:  
-  * Add support for SmartSolar VE.Can MPPT +    * Latest firmware versions are included in the app and only the one valid for the connected device is shown 
-  * Fix EasySolar2 ​GX, Multiplus2 ​GX and Generic Venus devices are shown as Unknown devices when discovered over UPnP+    * As with VEFlash, settings are reset when updating the firmware 
 +    * Only basic settings are included, Virtual Switch and Assistants are not supported 
 +    * Only single ​unit systems are supported 
 +    * As this feature requires USB it is not supported by the iOS version. 
 +Settings and firmware updates are password protected to avoid unwanted changesthe password is the same used for the access level in our GX devices (Color Control GX, Venus GX..) 
 +Please keep in mind that although it has been tested by us and some collaborators this is a beta version and might contain errors. 
 +Don't change ​settings ​or update firmware if your system uses assistantsIf you need to update your Inverter/​Charger firmware please use VictronConnect to help us testing it but note that you'll need to have access to a computer with VEConfigure to load the assistants again. 
 +In case of a firmware update failure it is always possible to restore it by using VEFlash. 
 +==== v5.7 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2019-05-08 ** 
 +  * Fix PIN code change button is not shown 
 +MPPT Solar Chargers: 
 +  * Prepare support for future firmware versions 
 +==== v5.6 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2019-05-07 ** 
 +  * There is an issue in this version; the option to change the PIN code is not available. It is fixed in v5.7. 
 +  * Fix firmware update retry is not triggered when reconnecting after an unsuccessful firmware update. 
 +  * Fix disable Bluetooth toggle is shown twice for some products 
 +  * Make trends use user selected temperature unit 
 +  * Fix typos in Dutch and German translations 
 +  * Internal improvements 
 +GX devices: 
 +  * Show firmware version when the GX device is running firmware >= 2.30 
 +==== v5.5 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2019-05-02 ** 
 +__Download links:__ 
 +  * iOS: [[https://​​app/​victronconnect/​id943840744?​mt=8|App Store]] 
 +  * [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.victronenergy.victronconnect|Android]] 
 +  * [[http://​​feeds/​VictronConnect/​windows/​w7/​VictronConnectInstaller.exe|Windows 7 and higher]] 
 +  * macOS [[https://​​app/​victronconnect/​id1084677271?​mt=12|10.10 (OS X Yosemite) and higher|App Store]] 
 +Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue. 
 +  * Add support for Phoenix Smart Chargers 
 +  * Add new features highlight on home screen 
 +  * Add onboarding, shows to the user a brief description of the available options 
 +  * Add an option to disable Bluetooth on products that supports it 
 +  * Improve reset pin code by PUK handling 
 +  * Fix the "user defined"​ is shown when certain battery presets are selected 
 +  * Android: Fix crash on devices without Bluetooth 
 +  * Small GUI fixes and improvements 
 +  * Fix GX log converter day light saving issues. 
 +  * Add trend graphics for BMV, MPPT and Smart Battery Sense 
 +    * BMV: voltage, current, power, consumed amp hours, state of charge, starter battery voltage, temperature,​ mid voltage deviation 
 +    * Smart Battery Sense: voltage, temperature (those two are all this device measures) 
 +    * MPPT: solar voltage, current & power. Battery voltage & current & temperature. Load current (for models that have a load output) 
 +    * It records for max 2 hours; and stops/​discards as soon as you disconnect from a device. 
 +  * Fix typos and improve wording on various pages 
 +  * Set MPPT low-temp cut-off setting resolution to one degree; the previous higher resolution was pointless. 
 +  * Add an option to select Fahrenheit as the unit for temperature. To enable, open the main VictronConnect menu, click settings. Here you’ll see the version of VictronConnect as well as the option to change language and temperature unit. 
 +  * Fix EasySolar-II ​GX, MultiPlus-II ​GX and Generic Venus devices are shown as Unknown devices when discovered over UPnP
 ==== v5.4 (Released officially) ==== ==== v5.4 (Released officially) ====
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