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 ===== 1. Introduction ===== ===== 1. Introduction =====
 +This document explains how to connect to Raymarine MFDs using an Ethernet connection.
 The integration technology used is called [[http://​​multifunction-displays/​lighthouse3/​lighthouse-apps.html|LightHouse Apps]] by Raymarine. The integration technology used is called [[http://​​multifunction-displays/​lighthouse3/​lighthouse-apps.html|LightHouse Apps]] by Raymarine.
 +TThere is also another way to connect, which by NMEA2000. See the [[https://​​live/​ccgx:​start#​marine_mfd_integration_by_nmea_2000|NMEA2000 chapter in the main manual]].
 ===== 2. Compatibility ===== ===== 2. Compatibility =====
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