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-Click for instructional video:+====== Raymarine MFD Integration ======
-[[|{{:venus-os:raymarine_youtube.jpg?600|}}]]+===== 1. Introduction ===== 
 +This document explains how to connect to Raymarine MFDs using an Ethernet connection. 
 +The integration technology used is called [[|LightHouse Apps]] by Raymarine. 
 +Make sure to also study the [[|Marine MFD Integration by App chapter in the manual]]. 
 +Note that there is an alternative method to connect, which is NMEA2000. See the [[|NMEA2000 chapter in the main manual]], as well as the last chapter in this manual. 
 +===== 2. Compatibility ===== 
 +The MFD integration is compatible with the Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL MFDs running on LightHouse 3. The eS & gS Series multifunction displays which have been upgraded to LightHouse 3 are **not** compatible. 
 +Raymarine MFDs need at least LightHouse v3.11 for compatibility, which was released in November 2019. 
 +From Victron side, all GX devices (Cerbo GX, CCGX, Venus GX, and so forth) can be used and are compatible. For details on detailed product compatibility with regarding to inverter/chargers and other components, see the [[|main Marine MFD App chapter in the GX Manual]]. 
 +===== 3. Wiring ===== 
 +The MFD needs to be connected to the [[|GX device]] using ethernet. It is **not** possible to connect over Wi-Fi. For the ethernet connection, a RayNet adapter is required. 
 +The RayNet adapters can be purchased from Raymarine: 
 +  * A62360 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) - 1m 
 +  * A80151 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) - 3m 
 +  * A80159 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) - 10m 
 +  * A80247 - RayNet (F) to RJ45 (F) Adapter 
 +  * A80513 - RayNet male to RJ45 adaptor cable 
 +To connect the [[|GX device]] to the internet as well, use Wi-Fi. If the Axiom MFD is connected to internet (using Wi-Fi), it will automatically share its connection with the GX device over ethernet. 
 +:!: Connecting a Axiom MFD to a network router over Ethernet leads to IP address conflicts, due to the integrated DHCP server.  
 +:!: It is not possible to use a [[|GX GSM]], due to the integrated DHCP server of the Axiom MFD. 
 +===== 4. Configuration =====  
 +On the Victron GX Device, go to //Settings → Services//, and there enable both //MQTT on LAN (SSL)// and //MQTT on LAN (Plaintext)//
 +Next, go to //Settings → System Setup → Scroll to the bottom → Marine MFD App configuration//. And there set up what batteries you want to see on the MFD; and by what name. 
 +No other settings, such as IP addresses or similar are required, since the Axiom MFDs have an integrated DHCP server. 
 +===== 5. Configuring Multiple Battery Measurements ===== 
 +This video explains how to setup multiple battery measurements, and naming them. 
 +===== 6. Step by Step ===== 
 +===== 7. NMEA 2000 ===== 
 +The MFD can also be connected to the GX device using NMEA 2000, see [[|NMEA2000 chapter in the main manual]]
 +In order to properly display the NMEA 2000 data from Victron equipment, you need to change the data instances of the PGNs that are sent out. See here for how to do that: [[|Changing NMEA2000 Instances]], section Data instances. 
 +To setup the data sources on the Raymarine, go to //Settings > Network > Sources > Advanced...// 
 +The following Victron related PGNs are supported: 
 +  * 127505 - Fluid level (tank levels) 
 +  * 127506 - DC Detailed Status (State-of-charge, Time-to-go) 
 +  * 127508 - Battery Status (Battery Voltage, Battery Current) 
 +These Victron related PGNs are not supported by the Raymarine, ie. in our tests we could not get such data to show on the MFD using NMEA2000 (use the Marine MFD App instead!): 
 +  * J1939 - AC data
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