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GX SolarEdge Manual

1. Introduction

You can connect your GX Device with a SolarEdge PV solution, using the ModbusTCP Sunspec protocol. Sunspec is an industry standard protocol for exchanging PV Inverter yield information.

  • Zero Feed-in for SolarEdge is not available when used with a Victron System.
  • Frequency shift power control, as required in a AC-Coupling system might work, but has not been tested.

With those limitations, it is possible for the SolarEdge to be used in ESS systems where feed-in to the grid is allowed, but only when connecting the SolarEdge to the AC-input of the Victron inverter/charger. In other sorts of systems, for example Off-grid systems, or ESS systems in areas where grid feed-in is not allowed, using a SolarEdge PV solution is not supported by Victron.

Note that its not possible to use the SolarEdge Wattnode meter when used in a Victron ESS System. In laymans terms, doing so will put two captains on the same ship, both trying to regulate the power flow at the utility connection, which will fail / be unstable.

2. How to configure

  1. Ensure that the GX Device and the SolarEdge system are both on the same LAN or WiFi network.
  2. Enable ModbusTCP support on your SolarEdge system. Consult the SolarEdge documentation for that.
  3. The Modbus Device id has to be set at 126. Some SE inverters might have that by default. Changing it is done in the SE inverter menu, configuration, RS485-1 menu. Although this is in the RS485 menu it also sets the ID for modbus over TCP-IP.
  4. On the GX Device, navigate to Settings → PV Inverters. Search for the Solar Edge and complete the configuration.

RS485-1 menu on the Solar Edge, showing the Device ID setting:


  1. The SE2200H - SE6000H range (HD-wave) was specifically tested, though several others are reported to work too.
  2. During testing, we found that the SolarEdge PV Inverter accepts just one concurrent TCP connection. Additional connections are rejected.
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