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The CANvu GX is a product in the Victron GX Product Family.

The CANvu GX is a device similar to the Color Control GX. For more information see here:


  • Data Logger & Control Functions
  • Item IP67 All Round Protection
  • USB connection

CANvu GX IO Extender and wiring kit:

Note; this kit needs to be purchased separately and is always needed. Included in the kit is:

  • CANvu GX IO extender
  • Power cable
  • VE.Can cable
  • Ethernet cable


  • VE.CAN bus connections
  • CAN bus connections not isolated
  • VE.Bus connection
  • 3x VE.Direct connection
  • 1 Analogue input
  • 1 Digital input
  • 1 Relay output
  • 1 Ethernet Port

Overview of connections

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