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-The CANvu GX is a forthcoming ​product in the Victron [[venus-os:​start|GX Product Family]]. ​+The CANvu GX is a product in the Victron [[venus-os:​start|GX Product Family]]. ​You can compare features between the CANvu GX and other GX devices [[venus-os:​start|here]].  
 +The CANvu GX is a device similar to the Color Control GX, and most of it's functionality and features are explained in the Color Control Manual here : https://​​live/​ccgx:​start
 **CANvu GX:** **CANvu GX:**
-{{:​venus-os:​canvu_gx_display_on_web.png?​400|}}+  * Data Logger & Control Functions 
 +  * Item IP67 All Round Protection 
 +  * USB connection 
 **CANvu GX IO Extender and wiring kit:** **CANvu GX IO Extender and wiring kit:**
-{{:​venus-os:​canvu_gx_io_extender_and_wiring_kit_top_all_web.png?​400|}}+Note; this kit needs to be purchased separately and is always needed. Included in the kit is: 
 +  * CANvu GX IO extender 
 +  * Power cable (supply voltage 8 - 32 VDC, **48V systems REQUIRE a suitable power supply or **[[https://​​dc-dc-converters|48VDC to 24VDC downconverter!]]) 
 +  * VE.Can cable 
 +  * Ethernet cable 
 +  * VE.CAN bus connections
 +  * CAN bus connections not isolated
 +  * VE.Bus connection
 +  * 3x VE.Direct connection
 +  * 1 Analogue input
 +  * 1 Digital input
 +  * 1 Relay output
 +  * 1 Ethernet Port
 +Overview of connections
 +{{ :​venus-os:​overview_canvu-gx_mrt2019.png?​nolink |}}
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