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VE.Can Resistive Tank Sender Adapter manual

1. Introduction

The VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter allows a standard resistive tank level sender to connect to the Color Control GX.

  • High ±1% Accuracy
  • Suits European standard 0-180 and US standard 240-30 Ohm Senders
  • Fuel, Freshwater, Wastewater, Oil, Live Well or Blackwater: tank type easily selectable with a rotary switch
  • For multiple tanks, use multiple tank sender adapters in one network: up to 16 tanks of the same tank type
  • Robust ABS Construction sealed to IP67
  • Easy to install
  • Simple switch setup with no extra display required
  • Under 50mA Power Usage
  • Input voltage 9 to 70 VDC

For multiple tanks, use multiple tank sender adapters. Each wired to their own tank. Connect up to 16 tanks of the same type in one VE.Can network. Set each tank sender adapter to its own unique tank number with the rotary switch.

More information on the product page on our website.

2. Installation

2.1 VE.Can Network

Connect the tank sender adapter to the rest of the network using standard straight RJ-45 cable. The adapter has two RJ45 sockets to allow easy daisy chaining.

Place a VE.Can terminator at both ends of the network. The Color Control GX is supplied with two of those terminators.

2.2 Power

For the adapter to work, the VE.Can network needs to be powered. These products will power the VE.Can network:

  • Skylla-i (all models)
  • Lynx Ion + Shunt (both the 250A and the 600A model)
  • Lynx Shunt VE.Can
  • BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 VE.Can
  • BlueSolar MPPT 150/85 VE.Can

In case there is no such product in the installation, add the VE.Can Power Cable - ASS030690000 to the installation.

2.3 Sender Type

Then select the correct sender type using the left rotary switch:

Sender resistance Tank Type Switch Position
European 0-180 Fuel 0
Fresh Water 1
Waste Water 2
Live well 3
Oil 4
Black water 5
Invalid 6
Invalid 7
American 240-30 Fuel 8
Fresh Water 9
Waste Water A
Live well B
Oil C
Black water D
Invalid E
Invalid F

2.4 Tank Instance

This setting is used in systems with multiple tanks. Set each tank to a unique Tank Instance.

2.5 Resistance Sender Connector

The two wires coming from the tank sender (not included) can be wired into the two spring loaded terminals on the tank sender adapter.

3. Configuration

Once connected to the Color Control GX a new entry will appear on the main menu.

On the tank page the current tank level and remaining capacity values are displayed.

Select the “Setup” item to open the configuration page where following settings can be configured.


Fluid type

Volume unit

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can I configure a custom name?

No. The VE.Can Tank Sender Adapter does not accept configuring a custom name. The method available to distinguish from one tank to another are the instances.

This is unlike the GX Tank 140 and as well as inputs available directly on the Cerbo GX: there it is possible to configure a name.

Q2: Why is this tank sender adapter so expensive?

That is because its expensive to produce. For lower cost options, consider a GX Device with direct tank inputs, such as the Cerbo GX. And to extend those, consider our GX Tank 140. Note that the GX Tank 140 takes 0-10V and 4-20mA senders, not resistive.

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