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Updating VE.Bus firmware, using VEFlash

Warning: This operation must only be carried out by Victron-trained Engineers, Installers and Dealers, and must not be attempted by system Owners and Users.

Updating firmware on a VE.Bus product (Inverters, Multis and Quattros) has system-critical implications:

  • All settings will be lost.
  • Assistants and parallel or three-phase configuration will be lost.

Setting up a VE.Bus system requires both training and experience. We offer no direct support for un-trained individuals carrying-out reconfiguration.


  • To update a VE.bus product you need VEFlash.exe which you will find in VE Configure Tools, available for download on our software page.
  • New firmware files are available from Victron Professional.
  • To select the right file, check the firmware version which is in the product now. Look for a seven digit number (eg. 2654153) which you'll find printed on a sticker on the control board. The first four digits indicate the model, and must match the first four digits of the file you intend to upload.
  • There are different firmware types available. Read our PDF VE.Bus firmware versions explained carefully to select the best firmware for your system. For recent products, use the latest 400 version.
  • Always use the latest version of VEFlash. It will automatically check online for updates on startup
  • When updating parallel or three-phase installation, update each unit separately
  • After updating firmware, all settings will be reset to their factory defaults. The unit will be in stand-alone mode, and any Assistant settings will be removed.

Instruction video explaining how to update your VE.Bus products:

Step by step instructions

Follow the on screen steps.

Save the Firmware file in an easy to find folder.

Follow these steps carefully.

Once finished and OK is selected the Inverter/Charger will reset itself.

Note that all settings will be reset to defaults. Also that the unit will be reset to stand alone mode and any Assistant settings will be removed.

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