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Temperature Sensors

Victron products can make use of temperature sense information to improve accuracy of battery charging. There is a range of various sensors that you can use depending on your product. Some come included, others can be purchased separately. See the datasheet if the required product (eg Multi, Quattro, BMV) to know if the sensor comes included.

Temperature Sensor VE.Bus Smart Dongle (1) Smart Battery Sense (3M) Smart Battery Sense (10M) Temp. Sensor for Quattro, MulitPlus & GX Device (2) Temp. Sensor for BMV (2) Temp. sensor type C
Products Supported MultiPlus-II and VE.Bus devices Bluetooth enabled VE.Direct MPPTs Bluetooth enabled VE.Direct MPPTs MultiPlus, Quattro, Compatible GX devices (Cerbo GX, Venus GX, etc), VE.Can MPPT, Skylla-S, Sylla-TG and Skylla-i Battery Monitors with Temp Support - eg BMV-702 & 712, & VE.Bus Smart Dongle Inverter RS Smart Solar
Victron Part Number ASS030537010 SBS050100200 SBS050150200 ASS000001000 ASS000100000 ASS000020000
Temperature on VRM Yes No No MultiPlus - Yes, Venus GX - Yes, VE.Can MPPT - Yes Yes ?
Product Page Link Link Link Link Link tbd
Manual Accessory Manual Accessory Manual Accessory Manual See Inverter / Charger / Device Product Manual See Battery Monitor Product Manual See Inverter RS Smart Solar Manual
VE.Smart Networking No Yes Yes No Yes with BMV-712; Yes with dongle for BMV-702 No

(1) You can mount the dongle itself directly on the battery. It has an internal temperature measurement. There are also terminals you can connect an external probe to as well, you must use the probe part - ASS000100000.

(2) If desired, cable length may be shortened without any issue. Although discouraged and unsupported, cable length may also be extended if necessary for the installation - providing the additional length is kept short and conductor cross section is sufficient, a slight increase in cable resistance will not negatively effect the temperature reading accuracy. Note that a notable increase in cable resistance to the BMV temperature sensor will also effect the voltage reading accuracy.

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