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Sun Inverter 12/250 Questions: how do i make the ECO-mode persistent? After a totally rundown and reload of the battery or switching the rocker from off to on, the inverter goes in inverting-mode not in eco again. Why shows the connect app (android) at solar power a value which ist just 5watts above the load, even if it's more (36va load 40/41w solar but incoming 65w not shown). Why is in eco-mode load=0VA full sun only 1/2 w solar shown but immediately with load 15va solar 20w shown (as above) Why is the short power info below the BT-device-list name only seeable for a split second. Would be nice if it remains there as brief info. Why can't i see errors like batt to low or overload in the history (they had an extra popup which where confirmed) wouldn't it be better to hold it? Having 1 day history only without errors shown (they were there) how many days i must have to share the data via the “laying 3dot V”

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