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   * Arial regular and bold   * Arial regular and bold
-==== scientific annotations ​==== +==== Units ==== 
-The unit is written with capital ​ +Use the International System of Units. for more info see [[https://​​wiki/​International_System_of_Units|Wikepedia]]. 
-When using a metric ​prefix ​some are written ​with a capital and the other are lowercase + 
-Mega and above are capital, and below are lowercase +There should be space between the value and the unit. Example 12 V. 
-with like mega, kilo, milli, these are written lowercase + 
-Fist number then a space an then then a unit +When using a symbol as prefix, like m for milli, K for kilo or M for mega, these are written ​either capitalized or are lowercase. The symbols for mega and above are capitalswhile kilo and below are lowercase. Example 12 MW5 kVA and 10 mA. 
-Example: 5000 kW+ 
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