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Victron Manual of Style (MoS)

The Victron Manual of Style (MoS), is a set of evolving and aspirational standards for the writing and design of documents. Victron's MoS is relevant to all documents that we produce, be they in digital, paper or web format.


Start a document with the full name of the acronym and then the acronym in brackets. Use just the acronym after that. Example: Battery Management System (BMS) and thereafter use just BMS.


Use British English, as opposed to USA English.


The following example shows the decimal mark and the thousands separator usage for both currency and non-currency numbers.




Product Acronyms


  • Capitalisation,
  • Punctuation, and
  • Omission or inclusion of spaces or hyphenation.

List of words that are often written incorrectly:

  • VE.Direct
  • VE.Bus
  • VE.Can
  • CAN-bus
  • VictronConnect
  • VEConfigure
  • Color Control GX → CCGX
  • Venus GX → VGX
  • CCGX/VGX - Referred to collectively as a GX device.
  • Equalisation (Not Equalization)

GX Product Classifications

  • GX product range - all GX devices (eg CCGX), and their accessories (eg GX GSM).
  • GX device - any member of that family eg Venus GX and Octo GX, but not inclusive of the accessories.
  • GX Card - a circuit board featuring all the GX features that is used in the integrated products, eg EasySolar-II GX and MultiPlus-II GX.

Products that have the GX suffix are a GX device, or contain a GX device.

Products that have a GX prefix are accessories for a GX device.

Generally, public/external use of the terms 'Venus' & 'Venus device' is now depreciated, and should be replaced with 'GX device' instead.

Specific internal/technical use of 'Venus OS' to refer to the open source operating system software development that runs on the GX devices is still correct.


If in doubt The Economist has one of the best style guides I know of:

Type Faces Used

  • MyriadPro-Bold
  • MyriadPro-It
  • Helvetica Neue regular, bold and condensed black
  • Arial regular and bold


Use the International System of Units. for more info see Wikepedia.

There should be a space between the value and the unit. Example 12 V.

When using a symbol as prefix, like m for milli, K for kilo or M for mega, these are written either capitalized or are lowercase. The symbols for mega and above are capitals, while kilo and below are lowercase. Example 12 MW, 5 kVA and 10 mA.

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