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   * Color Control GX -> CCGX   * Color Control GX -> CCGX
   * Venus GX -> VGX   * Venus GX -> VGX
-  * CCGX/VGX - Referred to collectively as the Venus-device.+  * CCGX/VGX - Referred to collectively as a GX-device.
   * Equalisation ​ (Not Equalization)   * Equalisation ​ (Not Equalization)
 +==== GX Product Classifications ====
 +  * GX product range - all GX devices (eg CCGX), and their accessories (eg GX GSM).
 +  * GX device - any member of that family eg Venus GX and Octo GX, but not inclusive of the accessories.
 +  * GX card - a circuit board featuring all the GX features that is used in the integrated products, eg EasySolar-II GX and MultiPlus-II GX.
 +Products that have the GX suffix are a GX device, or contain a GX device. ​
 +Products that have a GX prefix are accessories for a GX device.
 +Public use of the term '​Venus'​ is generally depreciated. Internally '​Venus'​ refers to the open source operating system software development that runs on the GX devices. ​
 ==== Style ==== ==== Style ====
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   * Helvetica Neue regular, bold and condensed black   * Helvetica Neue regular, bold and condensed black
   * Arial regular and bold   * Arial regular and bold
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