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Off-grid quick install manual

write introduction

Step 1 - Understand how a Victron Energy off-grid system works

Step 2 - Decide what type of off-grid system

AC or DC coupled? monitoring

Step 3 - Select the system hardware

Step 4 - Install all equipment

Install and wire all system parts according to their manuals. Do not connect communication cables between the various parts, this will be done at later stage

Step 5 - Update firmware of all equipment

Step 6 - Set up parallel and/or 3 phase inverter/chargers

Step 8 - Connect all communication cables

  • Connect CCGX to inverter/chargers use RJ45 cable
  • Connect MPPT to CCGX use cable
  • Connect BMV to CCGX cable
  • Connect smart battery to CCGX, use special RJ45 cable
  • Connect CCGX to internet via Ethernet cable or WiFi module

Step 9 - Make the GX device settings

  • Go to CanBus, select smart battery
  • Find Fronius, SMA or Solar edge on CCGX. assign correct role

Step 10 - Set up VRM

  Go to Victron VRM
  Make a user account (in case you do not yet have account)
  Add the system to your account
  Check if logging is correct

For more information, refer to the VRM Portal documentation.

Step 11 - Commissioning

  Commission the system, see ESS manual, section Commissioning.
  Consider limiting access to end-user
  Consider turning automatic firmware updates off
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