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 https://​​live/​open_source:​ccgx:​commandline https://​​live/​open_source:​ccgx:​commandline
-==== 6. Connecting ​via the console ​instead of over ssh ====+==== 6. Connecting ​on the serial ​console ====
-First, note that this is only relevant for the CCGX, as the Beagleboards have a uart dedicated to a console function. ​+=== Introduction ===
-See menu item Settings -> Services -> Console ​on VE.Direct 1 +The serial console offers a straight connection from your computer. Not relying ​on TCP or anything else.
-Enable ​the Serial Console on VE.Direct Port 1. Serial console is a software developers feature. This will disable VE.Direct 1 functionality on this port+Its an alternative to connecting to the commandline over ssh.
-Settings are 115k2 / 8N1. Note that normal VE.Direct to USB interface ​cable won't worksince you need to power the VE.Direct port on the CCGX from the outside. A small mod can be made to the interface ​cable. ​[[​wiki/​ccgx-serial-console|More information about the serial console]].+Connecting to the serial console requires ​a USB interface, ​ie a USB to serial ​cable with proper pin-outFor example this one:
 +The serial consoles on all GX devices are configured to 115200 baud.
 +=== Serial console on CCGX ===
-===== DISQUS ​===== +All GX Devices have a dedicated serial console, except for the CCGX. Therefor its documented on a separate page: 
 +[[https://​​victronenergy/​venus/​wiki/​ccgx-serial-console|CCGX Serial Console]]. 
 +=== Serial Console on Cerbo GX === 
 +The serial console is located on the CPU board, header JP201. GND is pin 1, RX and TX are pins 4 and 5. Here is a picture showing a [[https://​​product/​954|ADA Fruit Serial Console cable]] connected to it. 
 +Make sure not to connect the red wire. 
 +{{ :​ccgx:​cerbo_serial_console.jpg?​nolink&​600 |}} 
 +=== Serial Console on Venus GX === 
 +The serial console is located on the base-board, and can be accessed through the slot between that board and the Ethernet connector on the beaglebone-board. 
 +White: TX of the Beaglebone - connect to RX on your cable 
 +Black: ground 
 +Green: RX of the Beaglebone - connect to TX on your cable 
 +Make sure not to connect the red wire. 
 +Here is a picture showing how, also using the adafruit serial console cable as referenced above: 
 +{{ :​ccgx:​venus_gx_serial_console.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
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