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CCGX: Updating firmware (pre v2.00)

Newer information available

Note that this pages describes an old procedure. See here for the latest information.


There are two ways to update the firmware of a CCGX:

  1. Update it via the internet, either manually or let it check for new updates every day
  2. Update it from an microSD-card or USB-stick

1. Internet

To update from the internet, go to the Settings menu, and then Firmware.

2. microSD-card or USB-stick

Follow the instructions below to update a Color Control that is not connected to the internet. Or to recover a Color Control that is not working anymore.

2.1 Download

Get the latest zip file from this list:

The details changelog, including possible limitations and known issues, is available in Victron Professional.

See also recent blogposts:

2.2. Note on USB-sticks

Not all sticks work yet, unfortunately. If the Color Control display shows just solid blue after rebooting, and nothing happens after that, you most probably have a USB-stick that does not work. Try to find another one that does work. Or use a microSD-card, as they always work.

2.3. Prepare microSD-card or USB stick

  • Make sure it is formatted with FAT or FAT32. Nothing else, also no exFAT.
  • Extract all files from the zip file in to the root-folder of the microSD or USB-stick.
  • Use the Windows Safely remove device function safe.jpg before taking the microSD or USB-stick out of the computer. On Linux and Apple this is called Eject.

2.4 Place the microSD-card or USB-stick in the Color Control

2.5 Make sure VE.Direct port 1 is not connected to a product

2.6 Reboot the Color Control and force it into update mode.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Via the reboot option in the settings menu:

  • Find Reboot in the setup menu (Settings → General → Reboot)
  • Initiate restart. Press and hold button E as soon as you see the text ‘Rebooting’.

2. With a hard reboot:

  • Press and hold button E
  • Then press buttons A and B at the same time and release them again, while holding button E

2.7 Wait until the screen is black and you see white text: ‘Programming’

2.8 Release button E and follow onscreen instructions

This is the text shown during programming:

2.9 Common problems

2.9.1 The screen stays solid blue (no Victron logo) after the reboot

There are three things that could be the problem:

  1. There is still a BMV or other VE.Direct product connected to VE.Direct port 1, disconnect it before the reboot.
  2. There is a problem with finding the new firmware on the microSD or USB. Double check its contents and formatting format (FAT or FAT32). NTFS disk format is not supported.
  3. The USB-stick hardware is not supported, try your luck with another stick or use a microSD-card.

2.9.2 Error message 'error: the file ubi.img is missing' is shown

In this case the sd card or usb-stick is properly loaded, and the update script on the stick is being executed: no need to try another stick or card!

To solve: make sure that you have copied all files from the zip file onto the card or usb stick. And make sure to use the Eject function in Windows: ubi.img os the largest file and might take some time to get properly written.


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