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Victron & Redflow ZBM

Compatible Victron products

  • All 48V Multis and Quattros.
  • All 48V solar chargers
  • Adding a GX device is STRONGLY recommended, but not required

Charge profile

See the information for the Redflow ZCell at

GX Device Connect

Redflow ZBM batteries can be directly interfaced to the GX device (Cerbo GX) for monitoring and control (see below).

Alternatively one or more ZBM batteries can be used with the Redflow/ZCell Battery Management System (BMS). That results in keeping all ZBM specific information and control inside the BMS and sending only general summary data (such as system State of Charge) up to the GX device using a TCP/IP connection. See the Redflow ZCell page at the link above for more information.

For the direct-attach option, the GX device has built in support for directly attaching to one or more Redflow ZBM batteries using the built in Modbus connection and protocol.

  1. Connect the GX device to each battery in the system via Modbus-RS485, (our RS485 to USB interface is needed for that, ASS0305700xx).
  2. Monitoring the battery: battery voltage, current, state of charge, temperature and many more ZBM specific alarms and flags.
  3. Control the battery: set it to run mode, initiate a maintenance cycle, clear the alarms and more.
  4. Configure the battery: the GX device will automatically assign a unique Modbus address to each battery. Just make sure to connect them, slowly, one by one. After connecting one, wait for it to show up on the GX device, and then connect the next one. Additionally, it is possible to manually change the Modbus address of the battery.


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