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 This section presumes familiarity with [[|VEConfigure software.]]  This section presumes familiarity with [[|VEConfigure software.]] 
-Voltages shown are for the 48V model, and should be divided for the 24V model.+Voltages shown are for the 48V model, and should be scaled for the 24V model. The 24V model is an 8-series configuration while the 48V model is a 15-series configuration. Voltages should therefore be scaled by 8/15.
 === 5.1 General tab === === 5.1 General tab ===
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 ^MPPT Parameter ^ Setting ^ ^MPPT Parameter ^ Setting ^
 |Battery voltage.     |48V| |Battery voltage.     |48V|
-|Absorption voltage   |53V|+|Absorption voltage   |52V|
 ===== 7. Example Wiring Diagram ===== ===== 7. Example Wiring Diagram =====
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