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Victron & MG Energy Systems battery solutions


MG Energy Systems MG Energy Systems (MG) specializes in high-end lithium-ion battery system solutions, featuring innovative technologies for the best performance. These lithium-ion battery systems are ideal for full-electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, off-grid/Solar, machinery and vehicle applications.

The cooperation with Victron Energy goes back all the way to 2010. Back then we started developing our first Lithium-Ion battery systems. These battery systems were added to the Victron product range. To achieve maximum compatibility, performance, functionality and safety between our battery systems and Victron’s inverter/chargers, we decided together that it would be beneficial for both to set up a development cooperation. This close development cooperation is still an ongoing process.


Modularity and scalability lay the basis of the MG system philosophy. As a result MG offers system solutions from 12 Vdc up to 900 Vdc. Each MG battery system consists of the following:

One or more Master BMS’s

One or more battery modules

One or more MG Accessories

Easily create different setups at different voltages and capacities. When creating an MG Victron system set up, the most common is a 12 Vdc to 48 Vdc system. This includes the Master LV in combination with one of the battery series.

Product compatibility

MG is the only battery system provider that has VE.CAN implemented in the Master BMS. This has the advantage to directly control VE.CAN equipment on this communication Bus like VE.CAN MPPT’s and skylla-I’s. Another advantage is that the VE.CAN can be connected to the existing NMEA2000 CAN-Bus networks. The default selected mode for the VE.CAN on the GX products (Cerbo GX, Octo GX, Venus GX and CANvu GX) is used.

How to Set-up MG Victron Systems

When installing an MG Victron system you can use the following link for all information:

For further support information you can contact:

System Set-up Examples

Find multiple system Set-up examples in different sizes through the following link:

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