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NOTE: The company behind the Greenrock battery is out of business. Not for new installs.

Compatible Victron products

All 48V Multis and Quattros. Also all MPPT Solar chargers that can work with a 48V battery.

Note that there is no integration in the Color Control GX required nor available: it will not (yet) read data directly from the GREENROCK BMS.


Parameter Setting for S30 Setting for Aspen 48S-2.2
Charge curve Fixed Fixed
Absorption voltage 57.6 V 59.5 V
Float voltage 54.0 V 55.0 V
Storage Disable Disable
Charge current 17A per stack, refer to GREENROCK documentation 20A per stack, refer to GREENROCK documentation
Repeated absorption time 4 hrs 4 hrs
Repeated absorption interval Not required Not required
Max absorption time 4 hrs 4 hrs
Low voltage disconnect As low as possible, 37.2 V (1) As low as possible, 37.2 V (1)


  1. Under normal conditions, all the energy should be discharged when you reach 40V. However, during short high current discharges, the battery voltage can momentarily drop below 40V. Therefore set the low voltage disconnect as low as possible.


Make sure to lower the Dynamic Cut-off parameters, to 37.5, 37.4, 37.3 and 37.2.

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