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Victron & BattleBorn


Compatible Victron products

All Multis, Quattros, Solar Chargers and other products that can be configured to the required charge parameters.

Note that there is no integration or communication, such CANbus, between the BattleBorn battery and the Victron system. Such communication is not required; and also not available. The BattleBorn batteries are self-contained drop-in style batteries.


Note that in all cases; the BattleBorn documentation is leading over below table. The purpose of the below table is to translate the BattleBorn terminology to Victron terminology.

Parameter Setting Remark
Charge curve Fixed
Absorption voltage … V
End absorption by tail current Disable This setting is available for Solar Chargers only
Float voltage … V
Storage Disable
Charge current
Repeated absorption time
Repeated absorption interval
Max absorption time Depends on the number of batteries in parallel. See BattleBorn documentation.
Low voltage disconnect … V
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