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Battery Balancer demo web-app


With the Battery Balancer demo web-app you can demonstrate on your phone or tablet how the battery balancer works. There are two sliders on each side of the screen. With these sliders you can create an out of balance battery system. As soon as you release the slider, the balancer will then operate based on the specifications in the data-sheet. The onscreen LEDs and energy flow will react accordingly.

By following the instructions below, the web-app can be saved to your phone as an easy to find icon. The web-app will also work when not connected to the internet.

Steps to install it as a web-app

The screenshots below have been made with an iPhone. The procedure is the same for Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Steps (see images below)

  1. Visit in your mobile-browser (safari).
  2. Select the share/export-icon.
  3. Select ‘Add to home screen‘.
  4. Select ‘Add‘ when the battery-balancer-icon is visible.
  5. Start the web-app (once you have been online and downloaded it initially).

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