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Automatic genset start/stop

There are many ways to automatically start and stop a genset using Victron equipment:

  1. potential free relay in a BMV-700. Start the generator on low battery voltage and/or low battery state of charge. See the BMV-700 manual for configuration.
  2. potential free relay in our Inverters, Multis and Quattros, using the Virtual switch
  3. potential free relay(s) in our Inverters, Multis and Quattros, using the Generator start/stop Assistant

It is also possible to combine above mentioned methods, by wiring the open contacts in parallel to each other.

Starting a genset with three-wire interface

To start such a genset, our the open/close contact needs to be converted into a start and stop pulse. Note that this solution should only be used on generators that do have a control panel monitoring and automatically stopping on loss of oil pressure and other sensors. In other words: do not wire this directly to the starter motor and fuel solenoid.

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