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PV Inverter Assistant in a three phase installation on 2xx


  • This page shows VE.Bus System Configurator. Note that it is also possible to use VE,Bus Quick Configure.
  • The channels configuration, which is what makes this a bit more complicated than usual, is only necessary on 2xx firmware. On new firmware (4xx), this is all done automatically behind the scenes.

Step by step instructions

Select Phase 1 and right click on the Multi icon to access VE Configure:

Start the assistant, read the welcome page carefully!

The Solar Charge Channel must stay at channel 2.

Phase 2 Solar Channel stays at 3

Phase 3 Solar Channel stays 4

The Settings inside the Grid Inverter for Frequency control must be known, in smaller systems the start setting can be from 50.2 to 50.8 more or less and in bigger systems it can start at 51Hz. The Inverter/charger will only shift its frequency to just below the shutdown point to ensure the Grid Inverter stays on but stops producing power. In Smaller systems the shutdown point can be around 52hz and then again for bigger systems around 53Hz, these levels are only indications.

This value is the total installed PV Power divided by the number of Inverter/chargers.


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