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Victron Global Remote 2

Panels and system monitoring

Obtaining system information, wherever and whenever
The Global Remote is a modem which sends alarms, warnings and system status reports to cellular phones via text messages (SMS). It can also log data from Victron Battery Monitors, Multis, Quattros and Inverters to a website through a GPRS connection. The use of this website is free of charge. The idea is simple: you can use it to get SMS alarms from a Multi, a Battery System, or both. When monitoring the usage of batteries, it can be extremely helpful to receive under and overvoltage alarms; whenever they occur. For this purpose, the Global Remote is perfect. A prepaid SIM-card (for example) in combination with the Global Remote is adequate for remotely monitoring your system.

Advanced use: Monitoring historic data
Taking it one step further, an internet browser and -connection is all you need to view all of the data online. You can simply create an account on the website and add your modem(s). Subsequently you can configure the GPRS connection, which will enable you to monitor the historic data of several basic properties such as system voltages, power levels and status information. All of this data is graphed. These graphs are available in daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.

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