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VictronConnect - VE.Bus Configuration guide

12. Parallel, Three, Split-phase systems

In this section:

Until now our VE.Bus Quick Configure software was required to set up a complex VE.Bus System. This is not the case anymore as VictronConnect can now be used to configure systems of up to three units.

Watch this video where we demonstrate all steps involved in configuring a three phase system in just a few clicks.

Please note a password is required for this feature, the password is available from your Victron supplier.


VictronConnect allows you to change the settings of each individual MultiPlus/Quattro in an existing system. And to copy settings from one of the inverters to the rest; as well as saving the settings of all the units to a file.

Supported features and limitations:

  • Set up Parallel, Three phase and Split phase systems. (Limited to a max of three units)

  • Configure existing systems of up to twelve or fifteen units – depending on the inverter/charger model.

  • Copy settings from one unit to the rest.

  • Save the complete system configuration to a file for future use on a similar system, and as a backup.

  • Assistants are removed when setting up a new system.

  • Firmware updating is proposed automatically when setting up a new VE.Bus system.