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Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V

Error & Warning modes

There are 9 possible error modes and 2 warning codes, indicated by the 7-segment display and within the VictronConnect app when using a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet:

  • E0 Calibration failure

  • E1 Short circuit

  • E2 Over temperature / P2 Over temperature warning

  • E3 Under voltage / P3 Under voltage warning

  • E4 Over voltage

  • E5 Configuration Failure

  • E6 Reference Voltage Failure

  • E7 BMS Lockout

  • E8 Reverse current

  • P2 Over temperature warning

  • P3 Under voltage warning

After 5 minutes the error is no longer displayed to reduce current consumption.

Please refer to the appendix chapter Error and Warning codes for more info on each error.