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9.1. Error message

Below is an explanation of the reasons why a particular error message would be shown on the device screen. Alerts are critical issues, the device will try to auto-protect but the source of the issue should be removed before continuing using the device. Warnings are less serious but can still require action to fix them.

9.1.1. Alerts:

Over Temperature:

  • Using the SHS 200 in an overly hot place

  • Using the SHS 200 directly exposed to sunlight

  • Using the SHS 200 in a place with inadequate ventilation.

Battery Overvoltage:

  • Connecting the solar panel (or another power source) on DC output port

  • Using an incorrect battery type (for example a 12 cells battery instead of a 6 cells)

  • Using a battery that has been overcharged before

Battery Overcurrent:

  • Using too many appliances drawing too much power at the same time (more than safe for use with the selected battery).

  • Connecting the solar panel (or another power source) to the DC output port

USB Overcurrent:

  • Using USB appliances that exceeds the maximum current supported by the port.

DC12 Overcurrent:

  • Using DC appliances that exceeds the maximum current supported by the port.

9.1.2. Warnings:

Panel OverVoltage:

  • Using a solar panel that is inadequate for use with the SHS 200 (for example a 60 cells solar panel instead of 36 cells)

  • Using a power source that is not a solar panel and that has a voltage that is too high

  • Using an approved solar panel, but in a situation with very low outside temperature (close to 0 degrees Celsius) can cause the panel to produce an overly high voltage.

Battery UnderVoltage:

  • Using an overly discharged battery (well below the low battery cut voltage)

  • Using an incorrect battery type (for example with 2 cells instead of 6 cells)

9.2. Device not active

If the device is showing “Not Active, Please Activate”, it means that the device should be activated. To do so press the (LOCK) key to access the Activation Menu and follow the procedure described in the section Activation process.

9.3. Low battery

If the device screen shows “Low Bat.” and the USB ports and lights are turned OFF, it means that the battery is discharged, and the device is preventing further use of it to avoid damages.

This can happen in case of overuse or in case of low amount of incoming solar power (cloudy weather or poorly positioned solar panel). Check that the solar panel is positioned in full sun and allow the battery to charge without using the device for a couple of daylight hours and then use it as little as possible until the battery reaches a high state of charge (over 80% after the charge is finished at night).

Do not in any case try to connect anything directly to the battery to bypass that protection as it will permanently damage the battery.

If the weather is good and the usage is low, the problem might come from the solar panel, in that case, refer to the section below for further information on how to solve the problem.

9.4. Solar panel level always low

If the solar panel indicator is low (below 40%) even when there is a lot of sun shining on the solar panels or if the battery never reaches a high level of charge, there might be an issue with the solar panel positioning or cleanliness.

First, check if the solar panel is cleaned. A thin layer of dust or a small (even just 1cm wide) piece of dirt or leaves on the panel can significantly impact its performance. Use a wet cloth to clean the panel thoroughly.

Second, make sure that no part of the solar panel is in the shade, a small shadow on any part of the solar panel can reduce its production a lot. Make sure that no tree, branch or construction will make a shadow on the solar panel at any time of the day.