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7.1. General

The SHS 200 is a pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) enabled device. It allows end-users to digitally pay for energy through a pre-paid "rent-to-own" model.

  1. The end-user pays energy to their distributors for a definite period of time (e.g. 30 days);

  2. An activation token is sent by SMS to the end-user;

  3. The end-user enters the activation token on the keypad of the SHS;

  4. The SHS is unlocked (active DC outputs) and can be used until time credited is spent.

Payments are usually done by mobile money or cash transfer to avoid cash collection and to allow automated processing. A PAYGo software platform enables distributors to generate and send activation tokens according to customer payments.

It is also possible to use the SHS 200 without the PAYGo function. The device is simply active forever and does not require any token to be unlocked.

7.2. OpenPaygo token

The SHS 200 runs with the OpenPAYGO token. It is an open-source token system which can be integrated with any PAYGo software platform.

More information:

7.3. Compatible platforms

The SHS 200 is already integrated with the following commercially available PAYGo platforms:

7.4. Activation process

The activation menu is used to add time credit to the SHS. If the device is fully activated this menu is not useful. If the device is not activated (time is 0) the screen displays “Not Active”. The device can be activated with the following procedure:

  1. Access the activation menu by pressing the LOCK button.

  2. Enter the activation token provided by the PAYGo platform.

  3. Press CHECK to validate. It should now show the number of days added.

Press LOCK again to return to the main menu.