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3.1. General

Mount vertically on a non-flammable substrate, with the USB terminals facing downwards. Observe a minimum clearance of 10 cm under and above the product for optimal cooling.

If using the device with solar power above 100Wp, the device must be installed vertically using the wall mount. And extra care should be taken so that its installation location is shaded and well ventilated.

Figure 1 Wall mount

Figure 1 Wall mount (included with the SHS 200)

Mount close to the battery, but never directly above the battery (to prevent damage due to gassing of the battery).

3.2. Installation sequence

The installation of the SHS 200 must be done in the following sequence:

  • connect the battery (preferably fully charged)

  • connect the solar array (pay specific attention to avoid reverse polarity)

  • configure displayed language (see paragraph Setup menu)

  • configure battery and solar PV size (see paragraph Setup menu)

  • connect the loads

3.3. Battery

3.3.1. General instruction

The SHS is designed for use with a 12V / 6 cells sealed lead-acid battery with a capacity of up to 160Ah. It includes two cables (negative and positive) of 1m (14AWg) with M6 terminals to connect the battery.

Voltage: 12V nominal, real voltage in the range of 9VDC-15VDC during use.

Current: Charge up to 14A. Discharge up to 20A. This is subject to the actual battery used and its size (the current may be limited to reduce battery aging and ensure safety – see paragraph Setup menu).

3.3.2. Battery box

An optional battery box is available from Victron Energy to protect the battery from tampering attempts. Please refer to the SHS battery box quick installation guide and drawings for additional details.

Battery Box SHS 200



Protection category

IP 21

Internal dimensions (H x W x D)

250 x 350 x 195mm

Battery Box SHS 200
Manual SHS 200 MPPT