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SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - This manual contains important instructions that shall be followed during installation and maintenance.


The danger of explosion from sparking.

The danger of electric shock.

  • It is advised to read this manual carefully before the product is installed and put into use.

  • This product is designed and tested in accordance with international standards. It should be used for the designated application only.

  • Install the product in a heatproof environment. Ensure therefore that there are no chemicals, plastic parts, curtains or other textiles, etc. in the immediate vicinity of the equipment.

  • Ensure that the equipment is used under the correct operating conditions. Never operate it in a wet environment.

  • Never use the product at sites where gas or dust explosions could occur.

  • Ensure that there is always sufficient free space around the product for ventilation. The product and battery should be kept from direct sunlight exposure. These components should be kept in a shaded and cool area. They are intended for indoor use only.

  • Refer to the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the battery to ensure that the battery is suitable for use with this product. The battery manufacturer's safety instructions should always be observed.

  • Protect the solar panels from incident light during installation, e.g. cover them.

  • Never touch uninsulated cable ends. Use only insulated tools.

  • The installer of the product must provide a means for cable strain relief to prevent the transmission of stress to the connections. Make sure the connectors used for the solar panel and appliances have sufficient ratings and do not generate excess heat.

  • In addition to this manual, the system operation or service manual must include a battery maintenance manual applicable to the type of batteries used.

  • The device, battery, and solar panels should never be discarded into the environment.