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Quattro-II 2x120V

Appendix E. Charge algorithm

In this section:

4-stage charging:


Entered when charger is started. Constant current is applied until nominal battery voltage is reached, depending on temperature and input voltage, after which constant power is applied up to the point where excessive gassing is starting (14.4 V resp. 28.8 V, temperature compensated).

Battery Safe

The applied voltage to the battery is raised gradually until the set Absorption voltage is reached. The Battery Safe Mode is part of the calculated absorption time.


The absorption period is dependent on the bulk period. The maximum absorption time is the set Maximum Absorption time.


Float voltage is applied to keep the battery fully charged


After one day of float charge the output voltage is reduced to storage level. This is 13,2 V resp. 26,4 V (for 12 V and 24 V charger). This will limit water loss to a minimum when the battery is stored for the winter season. After an adjustable time (default = 7 days) the charger will enter Repeated Absorption-mode for an adjustable time (default = one hour) to ’refresh’ the battery.