Color Control GX Manual

6. GX - How to update firmware

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6.1. Changelog

The change log is available in Victron Professional, under Firmware, Venus OS.

6.2. Updating from version 1.x to 2

Running firmware version v1.74 or earlier? An upgrade is needed. Follow the upgrade procedure to v2.

Otherwise follow instructions below.

6.3. Via internet or with microSD-card/USB-stick

There are two ways to update the firmware:

  1. Update it via the internet, either manually or let it check for new updates every day

  2. Update it from a microSD-card or USB-stick

6.4. Direct download from the internet

Direct download from the internet

To update from the internet, navigate to: Settings→ Firmware→Online updates.

On GX devices without a display (ie. a Venus GX or Cerbo GX without GX Touch), use Remote Console to get to below menus.


6.5. MicroSD-card or USB-stick

Updating with a microSD-card or USB-stick is called 'Offline updating'. Use it when updating a device that is not connected to the internet.

Step 1. Download

Get the latest swu file:

    Note that the same files, and the change log, is available on Victron Professional. That also features a dropbox connection, so you can always have the latest file available on your laptop.

    Step 2. Install on a microSD card or usb stick

    Store the file in the root folder of a USB-stick or microSD-card.

    Step 3. Insert the device

    Note that you will see a warning “Not using media for storing logs”. That warning can safely be ignored.


    Step 4. Initiate the update

    Navigate to Settings → Firmware → Offline updates.

    Press Check for updates

    If the firmware in the microSD-card or USB-stick is newer than the running one, “Update available” item will appear, press it to start the update process.