Biking the Atlantic

An extreme journey

Imagine, if you will, that at age sixteen you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. You would likely find yourself in a prejudiced and confusing world. Being caught in thoughts remote from the accepted world. It could be a worry that any usual understanding may seem impossible to regain. How fantastic then, that sport can play a key role in beating such a crisis.

For Mads Fabricius this is the case, as he continues to beat schizophrenia. In fact sport has become a central point in his life, not only in his treatment but also in his personal growth. It has helped him to gain control of his thoughts and move toward a better quality of life.

Now, and because of sport, he wants to help as many young people with mental health issues as is possible, so they may also move toward a more fulfilling life. Mads’s first goal is the donation of 100 bikes. Victron Energy is supporting Mads and helping him to achieve his goal.

After winning quests such as several Ironman world championships and also winning the 2010 Ultra Cycling European cup, Mads now faces yet more challenges as he starts yet another seemingly impossible adventure: Biking the Atlantic. The race heads from the San Sebastián de La Gomera harbour in the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean. This is a classic route, used by many sailing and rowing boats every year, even out with organized races. To give you an idea on the distance Mads will cover with his paddle boat; the race covers approximately 2,600 nautical miles or 4,800 km. A challenge such as this naturally involves thorough preparation, which is essential to ensure Mads stays as safe as is possible. Several companies are supporting him with the design of his paddle boat, navigation systems and other equipment.

The Dutch company Victron Energy is a business that has a long history in supplying energy solutions to the marine industry. Victron Energy is delighted to support Mads in his quest. The company has donated two individual power systems (to give 100% system redundancy) ensuring safe and reliable on-board electricity. By using Lithium batteries within these systems instead of lead, the buoyancy will be optimised as the weight is reduced. However, Biking the Atlantic is not only about an extreme journey across the Atlantic. It is also a research project to uncover the effect of exercise on the ability to maintain mental control. That is why The Centre for Adapted Physical Activity Participation Studies (APAPS) at the University of Southern Denmark, in Odense, will be conducting scientific work in cooperation with Biking the Atlantic. In May Mads made his first test trip. We wish him a successful journey and will keep you updated with his progress on this exciting project, via our blog and Facebook.

 Victron Energy products involved:

  • 2 x  LIFePO4 battery 12VDC/90AH
  • 2 x  Blue solar charge controllers MPPT 75/15
  • 2 x  Battery protect BP-60
  • 2 x Battery monitor BMV702 with temperature sensor
  • 1 x Phoenix inverter 12/180-schuko


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