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VRM JSON Juice API notes


The Juice API can be used to request data from the VRM database, using JSON. On this page there are usage notes as well as an example. The formal API documentation is found here:

An example PHP file is here: vrm_juice_php_example.

A Wordpress blog that uses the API to show actual solar yield in Watts as well as a complete system status is here:

And the source code of the iOS and Android VRM apps, also using the Juice API, are here:

idDataAttribute vs code

When parsing results, do not use the idDataAttribute. Use the code instead.

Formatting values, and adding a unit (ie. V or W)

the API will reply with a format string, usable by many programming languages. For PHP see printf

Juice backend work list

  1. Make it clear that sites/attributes is deprecated, since idDataAttribute is in the input. The new one is sites/get_attributes_by_code.

Postman App for Chrome: useful to test!


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