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Trouble shooting Remote Console on VRM

Looking for how to trouble shoot transmission of data logs to VRM? See chapter 5 in the GX Product manual.

Not using a CCGX but a Victron Global Remote or Victron Ethernet Remote? See this document instead.

The Remote Console on VRM feature allows full remote control of a CCGX, over the internet:

After enabling the feature in the CCGX setting menu, setting or disabling the password, and then restarting the CCGX, a new Menu Option will show on the VRM website. Click it to open the Remote Console. vrm_remote_console.jpg

Steps to take when it does not work:

  1. First make sure that basic communication with VRM works, see above steps.
  2. After enabling the feature, make sure to set (or disable) the password.
  3. Then restart the CCGX.
  4. Make sure to update the CCGX to the latest firmware version: v2.11 or newer.
  5. After the restart, check the Remote Console on VRM status shows online or a port number. In case it says offline, or port number 0, the CCGX was unable to connect to the Remote Console server. This is normally caused by a (company) firewall, blocking the connection. The solution is then to configure an exception rules in the firewall.
  6. Verify that your local web browser can access the websocket port (8080 on If you click that link and get 'Error response, method not allowed', it means the connection between your PC and the VNC relay is working. If you get a timeout or another (browser) error, there may be a firewall blocking the connection.

Remote Console on VRM uses the same reverse SSH tunnel as is used for Remote Support: outbound connection to on port 22, 80 or 443. It is not necessary to set up port forwarding in routers to use Remote Console on VRM. It is necessary for the firewall/router to which the CCGX is connected, to allow outbound connections to on at least one of the three mentioned port numbers. Most routers will allow this by default.

IP Address verification

Remote Console on VRM checks the IP Address for security reasons.

In case all above does not help, it might be that your internet connection very frequently changes its IP-address. And/or that the internet provider routes the different data stream over different of its routers.

Both of which will make the IP verification fail and therefor makes Remote Console fail. To solve this problem, contact your internet provider and/or change to a different internet provider.

Note that it is not necessary for the CCGX to be addressable itself, and/or have a public IP address. Worded differently: traversing NAT translation is no problem.


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