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-====== Linking to a dealer in VRM ====== 
-Linking your VRM user account to your dealer allows for better service and support. Once linked, your dealer can access any site you can access, access additional diagnostic information for these sites, and is able to view your contact information. 
-Note that in most cases, your account will be linked to your dealer automatically when your dealer invited you via e-mail to register at VRM. 
-You can only link your VRM user account to a single dealer. Linking a dealer is completely optional and you can unlink from a linked dealer at any time. 
-There are two ways to link a dealer: 
-  - When registering using a invite from someone who has linked a dealer, you will have the option to link to this dealer as well. 
-  - When you already have a account, you can link to a dealer by entering their VRM dealer code in your profile settings. 
-You can view your current dealer in [[https://​​user/​profile/​dealer|your profile settings]]. To link a dealer you fill out their dealer code (which you can request from your dealer), and click the "Link dealer"​ button to link to the corresponding dealer. 
-You can change your dealer by simply linking to another dealer: fill out their dealer code and click the "​Change dealer"​ button. You can also unlink by clicking the "​Unlink dealer"​ button. This will immediately unlink the current dealer from your VRM user account. 
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