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 (Currently available betas are on top. See further below for official releases.) (Currently available betas are on top. See further below for official releases.)
-==== v5.52 (Released officially) ==== + 
-** 2022-01-03 **+==== v5.53 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2021-01-24 **
 __Download links:__ __Download links:__
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   * [[|Android]]   * [[|Android]]
   * [[|Windows 7 and higher]]   * [[|Windows 7 and higher]]
-  * macOS [[|10.12 (macOS Sierra) and higher|App Store]] +  * macOS [[|10.12 (macOS Sierra) and higher|App Store]] (Pending of Apple review) 
-  * [[|Linux AppImage]]+  * [[|Linux AppImage]] 
 +* Android: If you can't open the downloaded file from the downloads list try using a file browser. 
 +Please report bugs and give feedback to these betas via the Disqus comments below. Please note that comments are not public by default, and first go to a moderation queue. 
 +**Mandatory vs optional firmware updates**: Please note that all the updates included in beta releases are always mandatory upon connection. The information in the changelog that indicates whether the update is mandatory or optional refers to the upcoming official release, not while installed as a beta. 
 +Stored trends visualisation is not enabled in this release, will be added in one of the next beta versions. 
 +  * iOS: VRM login is now done via an in-app web view instead of the default web browser. 
 +  * Fix issues introducing large numbers when Switzerland locale is selected. 
 +Multi RS: 
 +  * Add firmware version v1.07 for Multi RS as a mandatory update. 
 +  * Add an option to synchronise the battery SOC to 100% 
 +  * Add Shutdown on SOC setting 
 +  * Add setting to spefify the source of AC Input 
 +  * Add setting to enable/disble the motoring of PE to Neutral voltage 
 +  * Add Aux input settings 
 +SmartSolar, BMV-712 & SmartShunt: 
 +  * Set Bluetooth firmware v2.37 as a mandatory update 
 +  * Fix demo product 
 +==== v5.52 (Released officially) ==== 
 +** 2022-01-03 **
 __Changes__ __Changes__
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