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 ===== Changelog ===== ===== Changelog =====
-==== v5.13 (Released officially) ==== 
-** 2019-10-28 ** 
-__Download links:__+==== v5.14beta1 ==== 
 +** 2019-11-11 **
-  iOS: [[|App Store]] +** This beta version have been retired due to an issue that makes it crash so it is no usable *
-  [[|Android]] +A new beta will be released soon which will include all the changes listed below 
-  [[|Windows 7 and higher]] +
-  * macOS [[|10.12 (macOS Sierra) and higher|App Store]]+
 +  * Make it clear that product is using latest firmware 
 +  * Show built-in firmware if there is a firmware update available 
 +  * Advice to remove bond when resetting PIN code by using PUK code; Otherwise, if using an invalid bond the puk reset process will fail
 +  * Add SOC to battery settings so now it is possible to manually set it.
 +  * Add storage settings to battery presets
 +  * Check device OS and warn if it is not supported by VictronConnect 
 +  * Do not show default PIN code warning if there is a mandatory update available 
 +  * Fix trends sometimes don't restore the stored trend views
 +Blue Smart Chargers:
 +  * Add settings support for IP65 XL models
 +MPPT Solar Chargers:
 +  * Add a text to advice to remove the jumper in VE.Direct port when changing load output operation mode.
 +VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle:
 +  * Add firmware v2.23. This firmware was already available for rev2 dongles, this is for the first version of the dongle:
 +    * Support for device off reason when attached to Inverter.
 +    * Support apparent power when attached to Inverter.
 +    * TX power for advertisement increased.
 +    * Add default PIN code detection support.
 +    * Bonding info is removed when pincode changes.
 +    * Support mA resolution for SmartBMV battery current
 +    * Several small stability fixes
 +    * Advertising with own product ID started if no successful VeDirect communication was possible within 20 seconds (fallback to be able to update dongle at all times).
 +==== v5.13 (Released officially) ====
 +** 2019-10-28 **
 __Changes:__ __Changes:__
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     * Add cell under voltage pre-alarm threshold setting     * Add cell under voltage pre-alarm threshold setting
     * Add support for BMS Pre-Alarm     * Add support for BMS Pre-Alarm
 +    * Add Bluetooth On/Off support. **Caution!! Once Bluetooth is disabled it is not possible to enable it again**.
 Blue Smart chargers: Blue Smart chargers:
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