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Navico MFD Integration

1. Introduction

Navico is the overall brand behind the B&G, Simrad and Lowrance MFDs.

2. Compatibility

Navico compatible hardware:

Note that this feature also works on the NSS EVO2. But only limited. And its not officially supported and also there will be no new software releases made by either Victron nor Navico to fix any issues that may arise. In other words, it is not a supported configuration by Navico but the consumer can feel free to use it (if they contact Navico or Victron service, our team will tell them it is not a supported configuration). More testing and user feedback will have to show what does and what does not work on the EVO2.

3. Wiring

The Navico device needs to be connected to the Venus-device using Ethernet. Its not possible to connect over WiFi. For the ethernet connection, a Navico adapter is required:

  • ETHADAPT-2M 127-56

4. Configuration

Venus-device settings

  1. Go to Settings → Services, and there enable MQTT.
  2. Go to Settings → System Setup → Scroll to the bottom → Battery measurements. And there set up what batteries you want to see on the MFD; and by what name.


No settings are necessary. The Venus-device and the Navico devices connect to each other using a technology called linklocal addressing.

It is possible to connect the a router to the same LAN; and that way provide for internet access.

5. Usage

TBD add screenshots and so forth.

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