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Navico MFD Integration

1. Introduction

Navico is the overall brand behind the B&G, Simrad and Lowrance MFDs.

2. Compatibility

3. Wiring

The Navico device needs to be connected to the Venus-device using Ethernet. Its not possible to connect over WiFi. For the ethernet connection, a Navico adapter is required:

  • ETHADAPT-2M 127-56

4. Configuration

Venus-device settings

  1. Go to Settings → Services, and there enable MQTT.
  2. Go to Settings → System Setup → Scroll to the bottom → Battery measurements. And there set up what batteries you want to see on the MFD; and by what name.


No settings are necessary. The Venus-device and the Navico devices connect to each other using a technology called linklocal addressing.

It is possible to connect the a router to the same LAN; and that way provide for internet access.

5. Usage

TBD add screenshots and so forth.

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